I was keeping this under wraps for a bit before I could let you all know.

Alaer Kino, one of the greatest fan artists in the world and friend of mine
since 1999, is working with me on a "one-shot" doujinshi (that's where
it's just a few pages that convey a story well enough to gain interest from
publishers in order to sell a doujinshi). Her real name is June Ferrel, btw,
but she's mostly known by her alias at many RPG fansites where her art
is proudly on display for drooling over or downloading (CT is her #1 fave
game of all time, just as it is for me, and her art inspired by it ROCKS).

It's called "Tsuki no Shuujin" (Prisoner of the Moon), and is about a wealthy orphan who does some pretty stupid stuff just to get friends, and winds up being cursed to transform into a "Sanbi" (3-tailed Fox Demon) every time there's a full moon. And in order to break the curse, he has to perform 30 noble deeds for the sake of others while in Sanbi form (really difficult, and at times, rather dangerous).

Enjoy this sketch of "Masashi Natsume" and his Sanbi form.....

(Note: The necklace he has in both forms was a gift from his parents before they died and is his most precious possession, & symbol of his innocent soul)