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    Default My Pokemon Drawings!

    Ok I had no idea where I should post this so here we go! :P.

    Some are un-colored and some have weird textures (Houndoom).







    Now I also have Camerupt, Nidoking and Rhyperior but something went wrong when I tried to put them on my comp. Please comment rate etc. :). I also take requests so if you want some Pokemon drawn just send me a message.

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    Amazing. Simply amazing. They look exactly like the actual drawings!!!! Could you please draw me and Oshawott and a Dewott?

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    Sure! I was actually thinking of drawing them. :)

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    Heres Oshawott. I was kinda in a hurry so shadowed parts are kinda messed up. I still hope you like it. If you don't I'll do him again.

    And all my future drawings will be posted here. :)

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    Default Re: My Pokemon Drawings!

    hmmm... i can see potential here, but the lineart is a bit wobbly on some and the coloring is kind of messy. on the oshawott, you got better with stability, but the shading's kind of unclean. instead of shading it in with your pencil, it's better to smudge the lines with your finger or a smudgestick. they provide a much cleaner and realistic looking shade.

    as for the ones in your first post... did you draw them with marker? it's better to sketch them out with pencil instead of doing it with marker. marker can smudge and make a mess, and when you mess up you can't erase it which causes wobbly lines, etc.

    when making a picture stable, you'll want to first sketch it out using basic shapes and circles to represent body parts, and then flesh them out. these sketches are like the skeleton of your drawing and will help with anatomy and placement of joints. it also captures movement very well.

    that's really all i can say for now. keep at it!

    .self-assured mutual destruction.

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    Default Re: My Pokemon Drawings!

    Thanks for the info. On Oshawott I messed up by first shading with pen and then coloring it with blue.

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    Default Re: My Pokemon Drawings!

    Don't be silly! I love it :D! I think he looks a little pudgy, and I think the original Oshawott looks like a baby, and pudgy babies are my favorite :D! So I have a pudgy baby Oshawott, and he's adorable!!!! Could you possibly draw the Dewott now? You don't have to do it anytime soon, just wanted to make sure you still remembered ;)!

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    Ye. I'll draw him right now since I'm bored as hell :P. Glad you like Oshawott.

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    Heres Dewott. I also drew Blaziken. :)


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    Default Re: My Pokemon Drawings!

    Yay for Dewott :D! Thanks a bunch! Could I get an Eevee?

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    Default Re: My Pokemon Drawings!

    Sure. ^^


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