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Great detail work. The sketchiness has been greatly reduced. :D

Scary realistic looking. Especially the eyes. The wing angles look weird, but I know virtually nothing about bird anatomy, so maybe that's just me. Did you use a reference?
Yay, thanks! I hope you mean its right wing, because that pesky thing was annoying the crap out of me. XD Finally settled for some deceptive shading. D: And I'm actually pretty terrible at sticking to references. I usually glance over a couple actual photographs of whatever animal I'm basing off of, but then forget about it entirely. Would probably help to use those more...

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@EmBreon; That Pidgeot is really cool! O: You've got the detailing on the feathers down pretty well. The eye looks pretty real too! o:
Thanks Blazaking! :D I was a little unsure about the feathers, glad it's believable. :3

Anyone have any suggestions of what I could draw next? xD I'm open to a challenge!