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Thread: MY first Pictures in a long while:

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    Default MY first Pictures in a long while:

    Um, I don't know what to say about them. I think they are ok..

    The Lucario picture turned out brighter than I intended it to be.. I'm using an older monitor that makes images look darker than they are so hopefully it's not blinding. I think I made the head too small and the right hand too big, but I still kind of like it. (so I cut it up and put it in my new sig )

    (edit-- made it slightly darker and changed it a little)

    The next one is a picture of Usohachii and Manene. Usohachii is crying (for real) and Manene is suppose to be cheering it up. I think it's kind of cheesey but I tried to make it kind of a comic style.

    Usohachii & Manene

    The last one is just thrown in to get three pictures for the post. I made it a while ago from my last sig. I don't remember posting the full image so here's the picture of cacturne.


    I'll try to make time to make more pictures to put in this topic before the month's up, but for now, let me know what you think of some of these.
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    All I have to say is that those are absolutely amazin! I really like the 2nd one, were you gave it that comic book cool. *walks away, remembering he has no drawing skills*
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    That Lucario picture is total pwn. A bit shakey in areas though.
    I envy anyone who can pull off decent lineartless art.

    The second one is sickenly cute. Good god, I love it. It's so cavity inducing. D:

    And Cacturne~! ♥♥ Its pose is a bit awkward, but it's in a very nifty style. I really like how you did its face for some reason. And the background is my baby momma. I don't know why, but it is.

    You have some lovely artwork, but I'm stating the obvious. 8D
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    Dude, your sig. Do you really need 967kb worth of aniGif? That's just a teeny bit excessive, isn't it?

    Well, anyway...

    I dig the effects on the Lucario picture, although the blur seems a bit thick and heavy. The textured look in the background and on the grass is quite spiff, though. The stars are a little distracting, but... Ah. Lucario himself looks pretty awesome. :<

    The second picture is quite cute. ;x; Not even my hatred of Manene can stop me from looking at it and going "... aww. ♥". It's nice how the shaky lineart gives it more of a hand-drawn look~

    The Cacturne is interesting, though I don't quite understand the pose, either. ^^; The background is supar-neat, though. ♥♥

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    Bell02 alpha, you should draw more. I like what you've posted. :)

    The Lucario one is very cool--the pose is nice, the coloring is unique and cool, and it's got a good feel to it. I like Lucario's pose, and the lighting is interesting and dynamic. The only things I can say that are a little questionable is the blurriness of the picture is a little confusing, and I'm not sure if I like the star-effects around the sphere of light. It doesn't like as natural as the rest of the picture. (Ha, funny to see I agreed with Kauri even though I didn't read her post first. XD)

    Second picture- Very cute. :) I like the thick, red lineart, and the background compliments the picture in a wonderful way. The poses and expressions are cute, and overall it's a fun picture. I think...hmmm...there isn't much to critique. ^^;;

    Cacturne- Very odd pose, and it looks a little too flexible if you ask me, but the texture of the sand is incredible. *_* And the pyramids in the background, pretty. Next time, I'd just advise that you make the Pokémon's pose a little more...sensical. ^^;;

    I hope you post more art soon--I'm quite interested in seeing it.
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