My first non-disgustingly-ugly anime-style char

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Thread: My first non-disgustingly-ugly anime-style char

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    Default My first non-disgustingly-ugly anime-style char

    Uh..yeah, sort of. XD There's probably a tonne of things that need fixing and improvement, but I think this is my best one so far. :D :D

    More people should go draw stuff @ ~

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    Well, I'd say it looks nice...but, like u said, u need to improve a bit.
    Advice: work more on the eyes style and if it is possible, try and draw more likely from the comic books at the beginning, and after that repeat till u think u are beginning to draw better...because ya know what they say:Practice makes perfect.
    Hmmm, as for this topic, I hope that, if "the ones" agree with my idea, make it like an forum-oekaki, meaning something like:"Post your drawings and comment upon them"(I know, u don't have to say it because there is already one oekaki)..*looks innocently and smiles*


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