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    Default my art :D!


    actually i am kind of nervous .-. i have only started drawing at the start of the summer and my sister gave me her old tablet when she got a new one so i have been trying to use it

    its kind of hard to use lol

    ummm am i supposed to put it in a spoiler? i will just incase

    this is a sketch thing i did :o! the gabite looks a lot like the actual thing but i had no idea what they looked like but my friend ask me to draw it so i tried D:

    ><; i am okay with critique but i am a little nervous about showing anyone my art i have not really done that before so here you go!

    oh sweet the preview button is so helpful ;d it worked!


    i also take requests if you have any! :D!!!!!!!!

    i make no promises on the requests lol but just leave a description and i might try but no promises sorry!
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    Default Re: my art :D!

    Your sketches are awesome! I do all my sketches in blue as well =) it just makes thing so clear, don't it?

    I really love how expressive your Haunter is, please draw more :3 ??
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    Default Re: my art :D!

    Pretty cool stuff! I see why your user name is pudgy charmander! I like sketches because you can see how the artist works: no hiding your processes.

    Keep it up!

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    Very well done!! You're doing great work! I'm always really pleased to see sketches from artists looking to improve when I see that they are, like you, building up from simple shapes. That's something a lot of people skip over and then wonder why they have trouble, but yours are looking great! I can't wait to see more work from you. :)


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