I have made a sprite of an evil Pokemon OC all by myself some time ago, and then, just a couple weeks ago, I made up a creepypasta about the same evil Pokemon. His name is Mewterror. These are my sprites of him

Of course, I'm requesting someone to make a better sprite set of him (most likely either a Generation IV sprite or Generation V sprite, with a lot of animations)

I gave a bunch of details explaining about Mewterror. The third eye, Heartless symbol, tail with spikes, feet and one blue hand came from here: http://torcher999.deviantart.com/art/Mewtwo-s-Heartless-61216477?q=boost%3Apopular%20Heartless%20Mewtwo&qo=2

And being that he's based on Freddy Kruger, Mewterror's clawed glove, shirt, fedora and pants should look better. Can anyone do the edits?

I'm asking this is because I'm not quite good at making customary sprites (the Mewterror sprites you see here are an exception).