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Thread: Mageslayer99's Sprite Request Thread!

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    Default Mageslayer99's Sprite Request Thread!

    Mageslayer99's Sprite Request Thread!!!
    Welcome! Post your requests for sprites here!
    • Revamp an Old Sprite! (See right)
    • I'll Recolour a Sprite! (See Right)
    • I'll Splice two Sprites! (See right)
    • And I might do some other things, but I'm not sure of that... (Don't see right)

    Post your request in here!

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    Can i have a blue R/S sprite of Absol with a normal horn. Please and thanks.

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    Do you do Trainer/leader sprites? If so can I have a sprite of a girl with spiky red hair thats short on the bangs and long in the back, wearing a tank top thats blue and shows her stomach and white pants? She should be wearing a hat with eevee ears on it If you can, thanks!!! Oh and green eyes too, almost forgot ^-^()

    Edit: To see what she looks like exactly look at my oekaki pic of her ^-^
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