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    Just a couple recent photoshop-coloured pieces. I prefer to draw and ink by hand, as I simply cannot ink in photoshop and my version of painter is so old it doesnt have a layers option. But I do love the smooth, clean colours you can get. I don't have a good photoshop knowledge beyond basic select-and-fill, but I like to play.

    Qu'as Tu Fait Hier?
    The cover illustration of a French language activity book I was contracted to illustrate. The interiors weren't so hot, and I've been asked not to post them until the book is actually out, but I was kind of proud of this, because it was a rush order and I had to drag my laptop and tablet everywhere to get it done in time. ^_^;

    Cobalt Blue
    This is Mallory Adams' heroine, Astrid, in a concept drawing for Spelunk Underground, a local indy. I don't have a superhero background, so my hero designs are unorthodox next to the other artist's armani suits and spandexy types.

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    Really like that French book's illustrations! ^^

    Mine was creepy. xD; Except for the turtle family fer da turtle song. Those were quite cute.

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