Here are some sprites I made on my own in paint! Constructive criticism is welcome! [img]JestermanDX's deviantART Gallery[img] This is the first sprite I uploaded to DA. It was random thought. I liked the way it came out at first, but now I realize that the guy's head is way too big. [img]JestermanDX's deviantART Gallery[img] These are the first ones I made and I hate them. The second one is a Geodude ripoff and the first looks dumb. But I did do that thing with the types and the ability, right? [img]JestermanDX's deviantART Gallery[img] This is actually an edit, not an original sprite. I thought to myself, "Pie is goo- hey! Wouldn't It be cool if Azelf was a Green Lantern, because Azelf is the Pokemon of Will and the Green Lantern core is powered by will? BRB MAKING TEH SPRITE" JestermanDX's deviantART Gallery I hate these too. they could be A LOT better. The first one doesn't even have shading! JestermanDX's deviantART Gallery I kinda like this one, but it's far from perfection.
JestermanDX's deviantART Gallery This one is good in it's conception alone. Normally, it's that red and yellow fire thing, but when rain dance is in effect, you see it's true form. The sprite is crappy though. [img]JestermanDX's deviantART Gallery While I find the sprite to be ok, I think I might have been on all the drugs in the world to think that a ghost toucan is a good idea. JestermanDX's deviantART Gallery While I like this one's design, the sprite is meh. JestermanDX's deviantART Gallery no comment. JestermanDX's deviantART Gallery These are weird bug types.... but I like the sprites. JestermanDX's deviantART Gallery And it finally comes to an end with this one, which I love in design, and finished product. I love this sprite and nothing can keep me from loving it.