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Thread: I've been improving, I think

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    Default I've been improving, I think

    Hello, everyone, it's The Knights of Wario Land, or just TKOWL for short. I don't visit this site very often as I am usually on Smogon a bit more.

    One of my main hobbies and passions is art, as I plan on attending an art college in the future and going into that career field. I used to be absolutely shit at art until this year mostly, when I finally got a tablet and got a desire to actually do well at art. This is the stuff I've done over the past two months that I think is the

    Amoonguss done in vector style:

    My friend's Kirby OC, Goro:

    T-Shirt design I made for myself (I could post the picture of it up here if anyone wants to see it):

    Manzai Birds from Minna no Rhythm Tengoku, except as Pokemon:

    Rapper Yellow from Rhythm Tengoku, having a heart attack:

    Filia and Samson from Skullgirls:

    Parasoul and a Paras:

    This was for a Smogon contest, Epic Meal Time. It doesn't really look like this is going to win thought atm :( :

    Omastar's old R/G sprite in a newer style:

    Really happy at this one turned out. Took me about 5 hours, it's based off the old Donkey Kong arcade art:

    More Skullgirls art:

    Electivire OC:

    Of course I still have a lot to learn, but I do think I've gone a long way.

    A link to my Deviantart is in my signature in case anyone wants to see more.
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    Default Re: I've been improving, I think

    Cool drawings, I like the style.

    The Blaziken eating Kanto Fried Combusken is quite troubling though...

    The Skull Girls and Kirby OC is cool!


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