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    Default Hand-drawn stuffs!

    I was going to end the title with a period or a question mark or something but I decided to try and sound excited despite feeling so nauseous about posting my art here. Unfortunately, I've never really grasped the concept of CG (as hard as I've tried) so most of everything posted here will be drawn by my left hand! Duh-duh-duuuh!

    My style is pretty damned girly (SHOUJO), so please be aware of that when you start looking.

    As for my first post, I shall pick something that I like more than most of my others (setting off on a good foot). It's a Pokemon/Sailor Moon X-over pic but I won't go into details about it unless someone asks.

    Also, please note that some of the things I post here will be fan-art while others are 100% original.
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    Default Re: Hand-drawn stuffs!

    It's not my favourite type of drawings, but it's pretty good, I don't understand why it has no feedback. Keep it up.


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