GONBE FEST 2006 Started!!!
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    Gonbe Fest 2006 Started!!!

    During these 2-3 weeks, each day I will post a Gonbe / Munchlax drawing.
    You know that my nickname is GonbeTR which means Gonbe Turkey.
    Therefore, I organise Gonbe Fest during February!
    You will see Gonbe at manydifferent poses and situations.
    One day I will post a Traditional art, and other day digital art.
    I hope you like this fest.
    If you don't know Gonbe's names in many languages, here come names:
    Munchlax (Japanese: ゴンベ Gonbe; German: Mampfaxo; French: Goinfrex)

    ...:::Gonbe and The Blue Mosque:::...

    At this drawing, Gonbe is illustrated like a muslim. Therefore, it reads the holy Koran.
    The background picture is Blue Mosque which is situated in Istanbul , Turkey.

    ...:::Gonbe at Hawai:::...

    The second Gonbe (munchlax) picture of GONBE FEST 2006!
    This time Gone is rich, therefore it rests on its boat meanwhile it is eating sushi and drinking alcohol.
    This is the fundamentals of Gonbe's lifestyle: eat, rest...eat, rest...eat, rest...

    The sunset verison of the previous drawing.
    I tried to make it more romantic by chosing red as the dominating color.
    Even though, how can Gonbe - munchlax- be romantic? :P
    I hope you like it.

    Each day one Gonbe drawing!
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