According to the art of the last Peas photos, people are determined not to undress, crying mess, had to be postponed, in about May 2, unfortunately they met him a rash, the results extend to yesterday. At first, stripped of his clothes, he was struggling in crying for a while, I have a little bit disappointed, I feel sure that not a license and is also very reluctantly took. The first set of photos of the nest, he did not quite match, do not want to sit inside the nest, or crying, and her mother must see the beans will be just a quiet, photography uncle can get him a little calm point of the photos, beans mother exhaustion of the way the effect is not ideal. The second set is the Hawthorn Group, the staff prepared to set,Look at the story, think about some places I need to blame yourself., I put the peas and beans on the boat, my father,ghd hair straightener,360 ° Thinking, tease him play, so he was familiar with the environment. The results of this approach is good, open license,People like you who love you, he was put on the little red apron on the boat, behind the shape of lotus and Lianpeng the process, he grabbed a Lianpeng play together, it is not the meaning of fear the. I and beans hard behind the lens father called his name,new ghds, see our claws to bounce, he also excited, very happy smile, the effect is great. The third group is the young gentleman style, wear a suit with a hat, he is less willing, and do not want to wear clothes, wear a hat also give you ripped off, but fortunately he likes props flowers, see the flower to grab, grasp pulled down to play, well, grab a few good shots. Originally wanted to license some tummy shots, he quit it, to insist on climbing up and sit up, extremely honest, no way, will only let him sit and sit, so it is estimated the lens to sit much. Was kind enough according to the child according to parents. Overall,cheap ghd straighteners, good results, also compared with Peas, the spirit is good, look good, that is, saliva, according to photographers that are light-emitting uncle! Ha ha. Finally completed, beans mother sigh of relief Wednesday Kan Maopian is estimated to be over budget, is the Well, according to the pictures with great difficulty, not much choice of site to shame ah.