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    Default Err,,Yeah New to Photoshop.*Samples*

    ....I just started Photoshop so I'm thinking there not "that good".But here.I hadn't made to much so sorry if I only have like 2-3 or something.

    Two Versions of this since I didn't know what to pick.

    This was my first banner I made in Photoshop.Yes plain,but plain is good sometimes.This is also my first "Real Person/Thing" banner.

    One with Black thing..

    One without black thing

    My Current Sig


    Sig size..

    I only made banners because there easier to do.I'll edit this if I make more..Even if this thread may gets old..If it doesn't lead me into getting infracted.Also i'm gonna plan to make those Pokemom Signatures.I found a tutorial on that but lost it.I'm talking the ones that have pokemon with those light designs or Zwampert's banner.Hope you like them.Not much but maybe soon.
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