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    Like I'm telling you! I'm a Mew, remember?

    Smile Eevee Attack Force - A Sprite Comic

    (From here on out, text written by Mewie Mew Cat will be in pink, and text written by Ombrare will be in red, because Ombrare is unable to use his own account at the moment.)

    This is a sprite comic, a collaboration between myself and Mewie Mew Cat, who happens to be my little sister.

    Hi, guys! I made a comic about Eevee and his evolutions! It's cool and actiony and funny.

    WE made the comic. Don't go hogging the glory to yourself. We have currently made the first two pages of the comic, the title page, and the disclaimer page. Make sure to read that particular one.


    Enjoy. As always, feedback, comments, and/or suggestions are welcome.

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    That's awesome on a bun! AND OMBRARE! I didn't know you had a sister xD


    Well, I did, sinse you mentioned her before, but still. :)
    I claim Unown J. Fear teh J.

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    Not bad but I need more !

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