Is this drawing all right?
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Thread: Is this drawing all right?

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    Default Is this drawing all right?

    Yes, it's sideways. I know that.

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    I like it. :3

    Try coloring with the motion of your character instead of straight up-and-down or side-to-side. You can also make it a appear three dimensional if you color harder at features that are farther away, and lighter at features that are closest forward. Cool pic. :D


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    It's a pretty cute chibi style but there's definitely lots of room for improvement ^_^ There doesn't seem to be a defined body shape here, which is my main issue; all I really see are two flat lines on each side and nothing defining the shoulders, neck, etc, so I'd give that some practice before moving onto other things, as it seems to be what needs work most. Unless that's the style you were going for, but it's definitely an important thing to work on. Oh, and try to make the bangs lay over each other since they're laid out as pretty much a "pattern" of spikes as they are right now.

    Keep drawing! :D


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