Dragons, Gryphons and Fakemon, oh my~!

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Thread: Dragons, Gryphons and Fakemon, oh my~!

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    Default Dragons, Gryphons and Fakemon, oh my~!

    Hello everyone! As well as a big fan of the Pokémon franchise, I'm also an artist, and I'd like to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug point towards my DeviantArt account: Litzana on deviantART

    I'd also like to offer my services in art trades, commissions, and just general drawings. I love to draw, and need to practise!

    Thanks for looking :)


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    Default Re: Dragons, Gryphons and Fakemon, oh my~!

    Hi Litzana! While I have no problems with you plugging your dA, I would like if you posted some of your art here as well. Maybe post a dump of sorts whenever you remember, that could be cool.

    If you're offering your services, I would prefer that you make a thread in the Artisan's Gallery; that is where our users post "shops" where they offer their skills. (As a slight warning though, if you're asking for payment in actual money, the number of customers will be scarce).


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