Well it's about time I had one here. And this is also my very first thread made here.
I've done lots of pics, like at the oekaki (Kasumi-chan's commented on some too) but this time I'm here to show off the art I've made off the net.

When the Dragonair episode aired, I was so excited. A new ship was on my mind

May with light blue hair. nuff said

And a drawing in development. Since PC is currently down, I just wanted to post it somewhere. And I really need advice on this one. Anything wrong? Feel free to post any errors. I know Shauna's head's a tad too big.
Some others are just links
Masamune as a thin girl
Flannery as a little girl
Saria from Zelda Oot as if she were in the anime
And a nice picture of Asagi with a wacky background
That's all for now
I hope you comment and enjoy.