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    how can someone make up a pokemon human frontier brain charactor

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    Default Re: charactor question

    Since this thread doesn't follow the rules, I'll be closing it. However, I'll offload some advice, and hopefully I strike a chord with what you're trying to do.

    When I create characters, it's a good idea to have a basic idea of who they are and what they do before figuring out how they look and making an attempt at drawing them out. Coming up with common themes and rolling with them is a big part. If the character specialises in fire, roll that into how the character looks, red or orange clothing, etc.

    If you're having trouble creating the basic idea of a character, take a look at other established characters and franchises, see if you can find inspiration. A lot of the characters I've made over the years draw inspiration of some sort from Pokemon characters, Zelda characters and people in books and movies, but that might just mean that I'm unimaginative.

    Hope you figure out what you need. If you just want to draw a sprite of a character you have in mind, take a look around the Spriter's Sanctuary subforum. I haven't checked lately, but there are likely to be spriting tutorials.

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