I hope this is allowed lol
Hi. I have recently decided to create an Original pokemon Character. (yes she's based off me :P)
Now, I have made up her outfits using those dressup games and paint to divulge more information about her. But, as i am not the artsy type, I have a proposition for anyone who wishes to take up the Challenge. If it is at all possible, can I get 4 Drawings of each of the different regions Chryseis has visited. I have some random card things with her pokemon from each region, that can help those very talented artists to take up the challenge. I know this is a tough ask, and I cant give you anything :(. I will NOT take credit for the pictures. Distribution will not happen unless the specific requirements of the Artist says I am allowed to post it on DA (with links to original artist) or edit it for signature/avatar purposes.
So, here is the first of my dreadful paint card thingies!

This is Chryseis at the start of her Journey through Kanto.



and sinnoh. If you cant see it, the White top and tan skirt she is wearing. . . shouldnt be there ;) it should be a white wollen mini dress that should flair out just a little bit.

Some little things I havent added to the cards.
1. Her skin is quite pale. Not vampire pale, just pale. Her hair is quite long, when its down it reaches the middle of her back, and has natural large soft curls.
This is what I mean when i try to describe her hair(i know thats not a plait, but its as close as i could get). Its a lovely chocolate brown and she always has it plaited. She always has a white head band with a white bow attached to it. She has it through all her journeys.
2. I couldnt find a picture of what her eyes look like, but they are like a lovely green with occasional spots of brown. Its very intricate and her eyes are quite unique.
3. Her bag. Its like one of those school bags that hang from the shoulder and sit around the waist. Its a soft pastel pink and made of Canvas. Its got quite a few pockets on it, and she has this bag all through her adventures.
4. Her face can really be anything you like, but as her journey starts at 16, she should look innocent. Not cutesy tho. I dont mind the anime look. After all, its your drawing, so whatever suits you best.
5. Her white belt, is the same through out the regions. It always has a steel buckle and its holds all her pokeballs.
6. It isnt shown on the cards but she has a necklace. Its held on by a very thin silver chain and has a gold Treble Clef on it. which is also quite small.
7. Now, for poses, i really dont mind what you do, but could she please have her pokemon around her from each region.
I know this is alot of me to ask, especially if its for free. . . but I am really bad at drawing and I really want a picture that best captures Chryseis as I plan on writing a story about her, and I want to be able to have some visual representation. So yeah. Have fun guys, and I cant wait to see what people come up with. PM me about it first before you upload the picture. As I want to ask your permission to have the picture in this original post for all to see. Thank you so much guys.