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    Default Arceus fanart request

    Is there there a talented artist who would be willing to draw my Arceus OCs? I need someone who knows how to draw Arceus well.

    Here is the info about them

    Star(I need her normal form and one when she is pregnant. The same goes for Shyla)

    species: Arceus

    age: unknown(younger than Arceus)

    gender: female

    description: Star is Arceus' mate. She is 9'10" and weighs 680 lbs, had cream color fur with a gray underside, blue eyes and a selver cross wheel around her abdomen. Like her mate, she is kind and benevolant. She worries about Arceus when he is gone and wishes for his safe return. She currently has over 10 children.


    species: Arceus

    gender: female

    Bio: Alpha is the firstborn of Arceus and Star. She has cream colored fur with a gray underside, and blue eyes like her mother. She has two younger siblings, Comet and Meteor who were born a year after.


    species: Arceus

    gender: female

    Bio: Comet is the youngest of her kind and was born ofter Star laid seven eggs. Her and Meteor were born live instead of in a egg. Comet can be a bit shy and emotional, but she is very close to her mother. She is black with a white underside and muzzle, golden eyes and a small horn on her forehead.


    species: Arceus

    gender: male

    Bio: Meteor is the middle child of Arceus and Star's children, born before Comet. He is the spitting image of his father, except that his white fur is darker and has blure eyes like his mother. In other words him and his siblings have their mother's eyes(You did notice that I just put a Harry Potter reference there since there is a similar quote in the book series though I dont know which one.) Meteor is braver than his siblings an does look after his younger sister.


    species: Arceus

    gender: female

    age: uknown(possibly about a thousand years younger than Arceus)

    Bio:Arcea is Arceus' sister. She looks alot like her brother except that she has blue eyes and that she is about a foot shorter. A long time ago before the incident in Michina, Arcea was captured by an unknown enemy and never saw her brother until thousands of years later. During that time, she suffered and was left to die and her reproductive system almost left barren. She was saved by her brother, As of now she looks for a mate, Arcea at first feared humans and pokemon because of her traumatic experience. Due to this, she is shy and fearful at times but will stand up to defend those she loves,

    Megido: is male and has azure blue fur with a light gray underside, a white face with blue eyes(same as above)

    Anyone here who can do this? i need them colored too.

    Arcara: a female Arceus who has white fur speckled with liver colored specks, gray underside and face, and had blue eyes.
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    Default Re: Arceus fanart request

    This is not the place for requesting. Requests may be made in one of the shops in the Artisan's Gallery.

    Additionally, not many people offer proper drawings for free.


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