3D Pokemon Animation completed!

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Thread: 3D Pokemon Animation completed!

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    Default 3D Pokemon Animation completed!

    Hey there. Myself and a couple of friends are animation students at Falmouth university, and we created a short Pokemon animation as part of our coursework. Its all computer-generated, made with 3DS Max and Maya.

    Pokélogic - YouTube

    Its been years since I last posted here; for those who remember that massive sprite map of Japan with all the pokemon regions in it, that was me.

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    Default Re: 3D Pokemon Animation completed!

    Wow, great stuff man! I totally love it. And it was really cute and funny too.xD LOL.
    I think the anatomy needs a bit of work though. Just a bit. It's animation, and I know it's hard, so don't worry about it much.xD
    But the actual animation itself was great! Love it! You did an awesome job. Looking forward to seeing some more stuff from you!:3 Keep it up~
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