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    I'm currently working on making a 151 Pokemon button set of the 1st Generation Pokemon (after that, I'll make the others, but you know - 151 is a LOT to draw XD). Currently, I've finished #1-15, #25-26, #58-59, #115, and #133-136.

    My problem is that I'm having trouble thinking up interesting poses for some Pokemon, such as Kabuto or Kakuna. I'd also like to know which Pokemon are more popular so I can make more buttons of them for when I sell these at the next artist alley I'm in.

    Also, constructive criticism/help on making them look better would be great. Thanks!

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    Default Re: 1st Gen Pokemon Button Designs

    nice! i like how you used the glow effect snd sdded there types/attacks.

    about kakuna.... this?


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