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Thread: The Water Zone: Sapphire Island *CAPPED*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinjara
    More updates, enjoy.

    Emerald Forest: Please reply in LimeGreen.

    Skrusti: Cid listens to your orders and nods, whilst looking at all the clones. The look on his face could only be described as portraying bliss. 7 beautiful Pikachus? Damn, what fun he could have .. Snapping out of it, Cid begins to move with speed, and collides with 4 clones before he smacks into the real Pikachu who is knocked back, and then smacked by Cid’s powered up Mega Punch. She lands on her back and slowly gets up, panting heavily. Cid then wiggles his little fingers and a small Substitute appears in front of him, subsequently depleting a good chunk of his health.

    Pikachu eyes the Substitute, and is completely fooled by it. She jolts forward, her tail glowing an intense silver as she leaps up and smashes her Iron coated Tail onto the Substitute which absorbs the damage but doesn’t yet disappear. She then frowns and stays still, trying to regain some energy, panting. Cid is doing okay, but that Substitute took a good chunk of health off him, energy is otherwise fine, at an average level. Pikachu is resting. What will you do?

    Jeff groans as he spies the look on Cid's face before he attacks. The look can only be described as pure bliss. But, the Shiny Minun manages to snap out of it long enough to begin speeding through the clones produced by the 'Chu, destroying four of them before he hits the real one.

    The Pikachu lets out a screech as Cid slams a powered-up fist into her face, sending her flying. She lands on her back, and scrambles up panting, staring at Cid. Cid waggles his paws as Pikachu stares, and soon the real Cid disappears, replaced by a life-like plushie. Pikachu is fooled by this, and leaps high into the air, spinning around as its tail glows a cool silver colour, obviously an IRON TAIL attack.

    The SUBSTITUTE takes the damage, and thankfully doesn't fall. Meanwhile, Pikachu pants harder, staring at the plushie, but doesn't do more than that. Jeff lets a small grin cover his face as he looks about for Cid. The Shiny Minun is sitting on a stump nearby, the Plushie having distracted Pikachu so Cid could get sit.

    "Cid, well done bud! Now, let's end this. She looks tired, but I imagine she's still not going down without a fight. Let out a bright FLASH, and follow it up with a 1-2 combo of ICE and MEGA PUNCH! You can do it!" Jeff encouraged his small electric rodent.

    Sorry for the sucky reply :/

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    Thanks so much for letting me post here, Becki ^^, and thank you Stu for taking me on ;D. Anyways, MY INTRO POST!

    With strides that left deep imprints in the golden sands of the Sapphire Island Beach, Oscar confidently and jovially departed his raft ride and commenced in making his way on his next adventure.

    It felt like more of a vacation than what was soon to be a vigorous adventure, and Oscar simply couldn’t help but appreciate the beating summer sun and refreshing feeling the area gave him, creating a sort of fantasy within his mind, as if this was his final retreat and he’d forever remain in this spot on the island – a possible yet unlikely situation. Scanning the beach with bright, wide eyes, Oscar took in a deep breath of preparation. As much as he would have loved to have stayed here, adventuring always came on top as the stronger passion, and he couldn’t allow this brief moment of relaxation spoil what could be an unforgettable adventure, as well as a useful opportunity to train a few of his Pokemon companions.

    So, still eyeing his surroundings, Oscar pulled out his map and pondered over which Pokemon he’d venture with. Seeing as both Thrall and Shizari were both still within the Daycare, Oscar’s hand hovered over Split’s Pokeball. He could have sent out Novim, but he was just plain creepy, and he hadn’t spoken to Split in quite a while.

    So, with a flash of light that barely opposed the light of the sun, Oscar released his Cacnea and began unfolding his map.

    “Oh so you are alive! More importantly, I’m surprised I’m still alive, what with the way you’ve been neglecting me! I have a right mind to flee from your possession you know, it’s been months, possibly years since you last paid me any attention! What ever happened to your insatiable love for Cacnea’s, eh? What ever happened to that?” Oscar drowned out the cactus’s whining with a rustle of the map before him as he rapidly scanned its surface.

    He wanted to go somewhere different, somewhere that kind of stood out from the rest of the island. And seeing as the lonesome Mountain, Ruby Mountain, was the only Mountain present on the whole island, Oscar’s interest was immediately piqued and his mind made up.

    “Oh, and that stupid new one, the dog that’s never seen you since you received it – she’s been whining to me you know, whining about her lack of exercise – I get the brunt of it all! You’re a bad trainer, Oscar, a bad traine-”

    “Ruby Mountain!” Oscar interrupted abruptly, pointing in the direction of the Mountain as he walked, following his finger. Unperturbed by the interruption and indeed the sudden movement in Oscar’s legs, Split trailed behind, punching his club-like hand with his other as he proved his point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinjara
    P-Arts: Feeling quite nervous after your steel behemoth’s demonstration of ferocious power, you issue another set of attacks, and Necross listens solemnly, envisioning how the attacks will be performed in his head; a strategy to ensure maximum accuracy. Lifting his huge tail into the air, Nidoqueen prepares herself, expecting to be slammed by it, but is surprised as the tail is sent hurling into the ground, shaking the entire Emerald Forest and sending some large rocks from the earth beneath you. Nidoqueen braces herself and then clenches her fists, as Necross smashes his tail against the rocks sending them right towards her. Nidoqueen then opens her mouth and blasts the rocks with a coating of Icy Wind, then she spins around and smacks them with her tail, sending the Icy Rocks right back at Necross. Using his initiative, Necross hurls his huge form into the air and then smashes into the ground, leaving a huge crater where he entered. The Icy Rocks land in the hole, not touching Necross as his huge form tears through the earth.

    Nidoqueen closes her eyes and tries to sense where Necross is currently at but fails as the behemoth bursts from the earth, sending chunks of debris all over. You dart about the area, dodging the debris as it crashes into the ground. Necross smashes into Nidoqueen and sends her flying, she shuts her eyes tight as she regains her composure in the air and lands on her feet, panting heavily. She then charges her right fist with Fire energy and rushes towards Necross, who is feeling quite drained of energy after his assault and smashes the fist into his torso. Letting out an eardrum splitting roar of pain, Necross smashes Nidoqueen away with a flick of his tail and inspects the burn Nidoqueen just inflicted .. Seems it could get worse. Nidoqueen is panting heavily now and Necross has been burned. What will you do?
    Eyes widened, James took a step back; he had been expecting destruction when he sent out his steelix - that came with the whole giant steel snake package - but nothing like this. The forest was getting ripped apart! He made a mental note to only send Necross out in extremely wide spaces from now on; for all he knew, a park ranger was speeding towards them to find out what the fuck was going on. The trainer groaned at that thought and started rubbing his syneses. That would be all he needed...

    Shaking his head, he looked up to see Necross staring down the nidoqueen, with a large burn on his tail - that could be a problem... he made a second mental note to but the TM Facade some time. He could certainly use it now... but then again, he had a TM that could be of use... grinning, James pulled the disk out of his bag, along with his Pokedex, and flicked onto his steelix's entry. Ignoring the data on his ground type, he pulled the TM out of its packaging and inserted the disk into the side of his 'Dex. He waited for a couple of seconds before words began to flash onto the screen: "Shadow Ball Recognition Confirmed."

    His steelix turned to him, eyes calm, and nodded to confirm that he had indeed felt the new power being bestowed upon him - he then lowered his head once again, so it was down to James' level. "How should I proceed?"

    James sighed at the business like town, but replied, "Yeah, yeah... let's try something different. When the nidoqueen comes towards you, lash out with a Flail attack, then knock it into the air with your tail as hard as you can." A confident expression came onto the trainer's face, "After that... finish it with a full power Shadow Ball!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinjara
    [SIZE="1"]Emerald Forest: Please reply in LimeGreen.

    Joshua: As you issue your commands, Hayley summons up the energy to last through these vital, possibly last attacks. Salamence watches Hayley carefully, as he opens his mouth to summon another Dragonbreath. As he releases it, the flames engulf Hayley, but she disappears. As the flames diminish, Salamence grins triumphantly, thinking that he had grounded your Desert Dragon. Suddenly, Narius shouts “SALAMENCE! Watch out!” But its too late as Hayley has slammed into Salamence and now has her teeth on his throat. As she glares at Narius, rage fills her and she bites down hard and Salamence can barely cry out in pain as blood begins to gush from Salamence’s throat. Narius gasps as Hayley tosses Salamence aside and the majestic dragon meets the ground, completely KO’ed. **Levelup for Hayley**

    Narius frowns and quietly states, “Salamence, return ..” The huge dragon disappears into the safety of the poke ball. Narius then looks at you, “You may have beaten Salamence but now a greater power awaits you..” Narius takes a Fire Ball from his belt and begins to laugh lowly as he throws it in front of him and the beast within is revealed. “SEE WHY THESE LOWLY CREATURES RESPECT ME!” He shouts as the beast takes form, brown fur covers it, with a long white mane lines it’s back, adorned with spikes on each side. On the beast’s face is something which resembles a mask, and its dark eyes stare right through you. What stands before you, is the legendary dog Entei. Cleary stunned, you gasp and take a step back before Narius smirks, “I take it you’ve never seen one before, yes.. It took me a while to obtain this creature’s respect” With that, he rolls up his sleeve, revealing his arm which has a chunk taken out of it. “This was my price for earning the beast’s respect.. So Joshua, choose your pokemon and lets finish this quickly eh?” What will you do? **NOTE: I’m aware your Growlithe is of a low level, and if you want to remain true to Nariu’s element vs. element rule then I will allow you access to all of Growlithe’s level up moves, and she can still use any EM/TM/HM moves she knows. She may also evolve for this battle if you wish. All of these effects will vanish after the battle finishes**
    OOC: Thank you for the chance to use Tessie Becki. I hope you don't mind me taking a little creative license with Tessie's appearance.

    Joshua smiles as his victorious dragon flies over to his, and he wraps his arms around Hayley in a fond embrace. The emerald dragon smiles, and collapses to the ground, exhausted. Joshua strokes her neck, and recalls her to the safety of her Pokeball.

    Joshua turns back to Narius, who turns and glares Joshua down. “You may have beaten Salamence but now a greater power awaits you..” A shudder runs down Joshua's spine as Narius hurls a crimson Fire Ball into the air, and he bellows. “SEE WHY THESE LOWLY CREATURES RESPECT ME!”

    As the legendary beast of the volcano emerges onto the field, glaring Joshua down, a spiral of crimson light encircles Joshua, and a bright light radiates from a sphere on Joshua's belt. A Fire Ball rises from his waist, and explodes, a red river of light flooding out onto the field.

    Tessie, the lovable Growlithe, emerges onto the field, and growls down at Entei. A white aura shines around her canine form, and she begins to twist and contort, until the light fades. A larger, majestic beast now stands in front of Joshua, glaring down Entei. Tessie the Arcanine, strengthened by Entei's presence, readies herself for battle.

    "Narius, I must ask. How did you come across such a powerful and majestic beast such as Entei?" he calls across to Narius. Tessie glares at him, and Joshua begins to think.

    "Tessie, strike Entei with Extremespeed, and then strike the beast with a powerful combination of Take Down and Flame Wheel! If it tries to attack, use Agility to dodge!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonely Wanderer
    All right, everyone except for Silver Wind has PMed me, so here are the second bunch of updates!

    ~*Emerald Jungle*~ (LimeGreen, please!)

    Hearing your orders, your electrifying green dog gives a warning growl to the Aipom, who, despite the small red fluid staining its fur, was starting to wag its tail in a taunting way. Starting to carry out your orders, your Electrike’s eyes started to gleam with a golden glint, staring down at the Aipom with a lot of hatred in his eyes. The Aipom somewhat cowarded back, taking the effect of the Leer attack made by your Electrike. Smirking at his successful attempt to intimidate the purple-and-yellow monkey, Hikari starts to be surrounded with sparks, charging to release its Shock Wave. However, the precious time it took to charge up the Shock Wave seemed to give Aipom a chance to suddenly charge at Hikari in an angle, striking his side with Ghost-Type damage. At once, the Astonish took its toll of flinching your Electrike. The sparks that were once flying all around Hikari’s body had now lost its static, vanishing in the ground almost instantly.

    Aipom starts to giggle at the damage it had caused to Hikari; however, it hadn’t noticed that it had paused just behind your Electric-Type dog, and your Electrike takes the opportunity to bite its jaw down hard on the tail flickering behind the monkey. At once feeling the pain, the Aipom shrieks as the Dark-Type pained flowed around its body. Glaring at Hikari, the tips of its tail starts to tickle the your Electrike’s forehead, and feeling the Tickle taking its effect, Hikari releases its jaws to laugh at the funny feeling it received. Now free from the Electrike’s grasp, Aipom jumps up to a nearby tree, pausing so that it can gain some more energy as its tail was starting to be stained with blood.

    What will you do?
    OOC: Sorry for the really short reply last time. Also switching Pokemon because of Daycare issues.

    "Hikari!" Soruta shouted. She was immensely worried about her little electric dog that was taking a beating in this battle. Sure, Hikari might still be snickering due to the effects of the Tickle attack used by Aipom eariler, but still...

    At this point, she was actually contemplating returning Hikari to his Pokeball for the time being, and fighting the rest of the battle with Faltzer who was already out of his Pokeball. Like always, Faltzer was circling the area in the blue skies above. Soruta slowly pulled out a Thunder Ball from under her coat...

    She shouted, "Hikari! You've done a good job! Rest for now!" as Hikari was then instantly sent back into the depths of his Pokeball. Soruta then put away the Pokeball under her coat and looked up at Faltzer. "Faltzer... It's up to you now," she thought.

    It took Faltzer a while to notice that Hikari had been returned to his Pokeball, but he still didn't stop circling the area. This puzzled Soruta until she noticed that Faltzer might be simply waiting for commands.

    "Alright, Faltzer! Let's finish this battle as soon as possible! Use Double Team to create copies of yourself, and swoop down with a Wing Attack! I have a feeling that Aipom might have some type of strategy against flying types like you, so use the speed of your Quick Attack to avoid any counterattacks by the little purple monkey!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinjara
    DM & FF: As Aexlus releases Osiris, the poisonous moth floats above the ocean, quite intimidated by the sight, having never battled in such a place before. Issuing Osiris his attacks, you wait for Feera to give Nookie his attack orders and the two flying types approach Feraligatr who looks up at them as they both begin to emit Hypnosis attacks into his eyes. Feraligatr lashes out but then stops, as the Hypnosis attacks begins to make him feel weary. Feraligatr begins to sway from side to side, hardly able to keep his eyes open. Osiris then takes a position in the center of the two water behemoths and Nookie steers clear of the Poison Powder which is now falling over Feraligatr and Blastoise like a blanket. The two pokemon fire Water Guns at the blanket but its too late as the lethal powder is breathed in by the two and they begin to cough and splutter. Feraligatr, completely enraged by this, glares at Osiris and charges his claws with Dragon energy, sending them hurling towards him, but Osiris swoops down towards Blastoise just in time and avoids the attack. Nookie joins Osiris as he glows green, draining the energy from the Giant Turtle. Blastoise glares at the two flying types and open his turrets, revealing the cannons which are now glowing an intense orange, hes charging a Hyper Beam! Nookie is engulfed by a red aura as he flies into the air initiating his Sky Attack. As Blastoise fires off the deadly beam, Nookie crashes into the back of Blastoises head, causing him pain and knocking the Hyper Beam slightly off course. The attack hits Osiris who is badly damaged. Blastoise pants heavily, feeling the need to recharge.

    Meanwhile, Salamence had been swooping through the air, performing a Dragon Dance which sharpened his attack and speed. Feraligatr turned to Salamence and looked up wearily, but still has the passion to battle shining in his eyes. As Feraligatr tries to shake the drowsiness off, Salamence releases a barrage of greenish blue flames which engulf Feraligatr and wake him up a little bit, as well as causing medium damage. As Salamence charges a Tri Attack, Feraligatr grins and looks to Feera and Free and then fires an Ice Beam right towards them! Blastoise is currently recharging his energy. What will you two do next?

    Quote Originally Posted by DM
    Pondering the situation while watching the battle unfold I see that Osiris did manage to poison them even though he took a good hit for it. Salamence was also successful in its attack. But now Feraligatr was trying to gain the upper hand while Blastoise recovered. I turned to FF and nodded to initiate our plan.

    "FF you know what to do! Osiris Disable Feraligatr after seeing it fire off that Ice Beam! Salamence fire that Tri Attack at Feraligatr in the meantime! Then Osiris fly over to Feraligatr from behind and Giga Drain it! Salamence then take your attention away from the croc and hit Blastoise with a Dragon Breath!"

    I hoped FF knew the plan that we had discussed in hushed voices before that bloody Ice Beam was fired. These water giants were testing out our mettle and weren't going down with a fight. Niether would we, as my poisonous moth and majestic dragon began to fly towards their destinations undaunted from the battle so far.
    Feera reacted quickly with the Ice Beam heading his way, he knew very well it could be lethal if it hit him.
    "Free, Quick Attack out of the way! Then combine a Dragonbreath with Salamence's Tri Attack!" He shouted and braced himself, either for the impact of the beam or the acceleration that would occure.
    And then you, Nookie, Peck Feraligatr's face so that you get his attention and Venomoth can sneak up behind! Then hit Blastoise with a Fly from above!"

    (Or FF2 -_-;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinjara
    Latias10: Illum nods, “Alright then sweetie.. Then we shall wait for those higher up” He then stayed completely still, and began to stare at you. The light on his head flashing on and off. Seems that’s his way to pass the time, but you feel very uncomfortable with this and it makes you feel even more nervous than you would normally be. You tentatively look at the Watund temple to avoid Illum’s icy stare and you notice 3 huge stone statues on the roof; One of a Swampert, One of a Rhydon and One of a Quagsire. There is only one entrance and it towers high and wide, able to fit most gigantic pokemon with ease.

    After 20 minutes of waiting. Illum continues to stare but is then cut off and he blinks furiously. “aAaaah! Yes yes! OK!” He speaks to himself and then moves over to you. “They want to see you Catherine.. They’re impressed” Illum then moved even closer to you, his cold breath causing your cheek to turn red. “You DO have Water or Ground type right? Take one in with you, they’ll like that ..” Illum then floats over to the huge door and fires a Thunderbolt into a slot which causes it to rumble and open. From where you’re standing you can’t see in the door. “Go on then love” Illum shouts and you approach the doorway slowly. As you walk through it, the ground turns sandy and you sink a little. Ahead of you is a wall, and there are no other doors. On the wall, there is a small statue of a Sandshrew with a stone slab attached to it which reads:

    “I am of water, I am of ground.
    But in both I can usually be found.
    On my body I have a poisonous film
    This membrane will give you a shooting feeling”

    There is a chisel and a hammer next to the slab. Seems it wants the answer. What will you do?
    When Illum aksed if she had a ground or water pokemon Catherine noded. Catherine took out a pokeball and pressed the button on it. There was a flash of light before Catherine's Crawdaunt Shimmer was standing beside her. Shimmer looked around to see if there was any battle and was a bit dissapointed to see none, so she just followed her trainer. When Catherine saw the writing on the statue she piked up the chisel and thought of what to write. Her mind went blank so she took out her pokedex and searched through the water ground pokemon. When she found out the anwser she wondered why she had not got it before. She then used the chisel to insribe the word "Wooper" onto the statue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torky Stu
    ~Southern Beach~ (Colour – Yellow)

    Jon Jen:

    Arnoldii starts using Absorb on Krabby, who runs around manically trying to lose Arnoldii’s gaze, failing the Krabby fires a powerful stream of bubbles directly at his eyes, blinding him temporarily and causing damage. Arnoldii stares Absorb after regaining its sight again; the Krabby onto its game already hides in the sand, completely negating the Absorb attack, after seconds and seconds of waiting the Krabby remerges from the sand and laughs. It then charges at Arnoldii it’s non-jewel holding claw glowing and stiffening, looks like it’s about to use Crabhammer attack on you, Arnoldii barely dodges as the Krabby’s claw lands in the ground, however it jumps out and it’s claw glows again, looks like it’s about to use Crabhammer again.

    What will you do now?

    OOC: Please accept my deepest apologies for not replying sooner. My old computer died on me, but now that I have my new computer, I'm back to my normally active state.

    "Tch..." Jon muttered to himself. "This isn't working out... I'll need to change tactics..." he finished, thinking for a moment. "Hey! I got it!"

    "Arnoldii, use a Razor Leaf attack! Then follow up with another Absorb as soon as you possibly can! Try to get it before it can recover from the Razor Leaf." Jon ordered. "Finish by using Razor Leaf on it one more time!" he finished.

    Jon was busy marveling over the glimmering object held in the foe's pincer. "I'm too curious now to back down... I must have it!" he yelled, pulling a jeweler's loupe to his eye, in hopes of examining the object, even if it lay quite a distance away. Unfortunately, a small clot of sand was whipped up with just enough force to get in the way of his vision. Jon, the ever-impatient soul, immediately gave up, returning the loupe to its place in the blink of an eye.

    "Well, we'll just save the observations until after the battle's close." Jon decided to himself. "Arnoldii should be able to fend off this meddling crustacean, now that I've remembered that it can use Razor Leaf." Jon spoke a little sheepishly. "In any case, its a change of tactic that couldn't have come at a better time..." Jon agreed nodding, putting on a front to the onlookers.

    "Hmmm..." Jon thought to himself inwardly. "Even if it is a change of tactic, I'm still entirely limited to Absorb and Razor Leaf... Arnoldii hasn't learned any other attacks... So, if I'm to try to win, I might have to interfere..." Jon drifted off in thought.
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    The young red-haired trainer and her Pikachu partner eyed the different paths, wondering which road to take. Noticing the signs that pointed towards different loactons, the teenage girl spotted one that caught her attention.

    "How about this one, Eclair-chan?" The girl said as she pointed to a sign that said 'Diamond Falls'

    The little yellow mouse nodded and spoke its name in aggrement. The trainer smiled and together, the two followed the path to their destination

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    Guys, I'm beginning to write updates, and so far, I only have three to write. ZJs, Thed's, and Raichu-Chan's. It's been two weeks people :( I know you get busy, so I don't really mind, because I am lazy and three updates is perfect for my mindset, but I'll be posting updates on WEDNESDAY, my time. Which means you have a day to get your replies written. Happy replying :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skrutsi
    And they sailed their ship
    cross the ocean blue
    A blood-thirsty captain
    and a cut-throat crew...


    Gaurdian lets out a bellow, swiftly followed by a cascade of flames, which produce just enough heat to melt what little ice is left on Gaurdian. The Drailisk stomps in the water, and a large pillar of water arrises from the river, stopping the FLAMETHROWER in its tracks. Through it then bursts the twin-headed behemoth, who sprays Gaurdian with bluish-green flames, another DRAGONBREATH.

    Responding to this, Gaurdian reverses the river's flow as a giant wave forms and slams into Drailisk, sending it skidding back a few feet. It hisses, but isn't out yet. Glaring at Gaurdian, Drailisk begins to glow, a bright white light masking it from your view...

    With a powerful roar, the light fades, and a creature with three-heads has replaced Drailisk, a more powerful creature it is now.

    What will you do now?

    Sorry about the late reply. ^^;;

    "Bloody hell..." Tom muttered in amazement as Drailisk soon formed another head, then an ear-splitting roar burst out as the light faded. Guardian glared regardless, undeterred, though perhaps shocked slightly.

    The creature's heads flailed about, looming over Tom as a huge shadow was cast over him. He was stood with two huge creatures before him, almost like a clash of the titans, two great beasts in combat.

    "Guardian, be careful! Boil up the water by using Flamethrower on it, then blast the creature with Body Slam, Dragon Rage, then a Surf to get it to fall into the boiling river!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffles

    Sakura lets out a slight screech, and begins to spit blob after blob of ACID at the dog Pokemon. Before the harmful substance can touch Arkound's skin, its eyes flash white, and twin beams of light-blue light burst forth, freezing the acid in its tracks before hitting Sakura, who twists and writhes as the HIDDEN POWER strikes it. When Arkound lets off its assault, Sakura is nursing a frozen bottom end. Rini, in response to this, shows anger for her teammates injury and spits a glob of TOXIC substances at Arkound, which splats into the dog's face and mouth. With a cough, Arkound spits it out, and glares at Rini.

    Meanwhile, Trogly hops up and down, and then breaths in deeply, before spitting a stream of MUDDY WATER from its mouth, which smacks into Rini and pushes her back. Rini belches, and a thick GAS made of POISON escapes from her mouth, floating all over the area. Arkound crouches low, and opens its mouth wide, a freezing cold BEAM of ICE bursting forth and striking Rini's bouncy body, making her cry out in pain as her side is partially frozen over.

    As Trogly begins to glow, Sakura has had enough and opens her maw wide, a thick flurry of leaves flowing from it. They slam into the tadpole, interrupting its concentration completely, effectively stopping the SECRET POWER. Sakura screeches, and then begins to absorb what little sunlight she can, growing a bit bigger because of it. Rini just has a confused look on her face, and she just sits there, watching the battle...

    Next orders?
    Kaya frowned a little, Rini had taken some damage that round. Trogly didn't seem to be causing too much grief, it was Arkound who was the big threat. Rini looks to Kaya and tilts her head, "Swaaa?" she said lowly as Kaya grinned. "Rini, fire some widespread Sludge Bombs, make them extra poisonous. Make sure they hit both targets." She then looked to Sakura, "Sakura, use Stockpile, leech as much as you can off Arkound and then move onto Trogly if you need to. When you've satisfyed your appetite, I want you to Spit-Up on whoever you wish. Rini! You need to watch Sakura's back. So give them a loud Yawn and then follow up with Tri-Attack if you feel threatened. Sakura, if you need to defend yourself, use Magical Leaf again to knock our foes back!" Kaya took a deep breath and with her renewed confidence, called out, "Lets see what you can do girls!" to her pokemon and grinned as the battle continued.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinjara
    Ruby Mountain: Please reply in DarkRed

    Lonely Wanderer:
    With Cryseye understanding your attack orders, she gives you a thumbs up, a huge grin forming on her face filled with sharp, silver teeth. Zubat circles her in the air and then dives down for a Bite attack, her fangs on full view. Cryseye charges her fist with electric energy and leaps to the side, dodging the attack and then leaps into the air and slams the electrically charged fist down on Zubat’s head, knocking her to the ground. As Cryseye moves to use Fury Swipes, she is stopped in her tracks by the Supersonic waves moving towards her, which collide with her and cause her great discomfort as she stumbles about holding her ears, feeling well and truly confused.

    Zubat then uses this precious time to get back into the air, and whips up a Gust which picks Cryseye up and sends her flying, causing her to hit the cave wall, dislodging some rocks in the process. Zubat then moves in quickly, and splatters some Toxic globs at Cryseye which sink into her skin. Cryseye is feeling confused, but this could wear off at any time, poison damage will come into effect soon. Zubat has taken a good hit, but her energy is quite high still. What will you do?
    Okay, so maybe this battle won't go as well as I thought...Andrea frowned slightly, seeing her Sableye both confused and taking in the ominous effects of the Poison-Type attack, Toxic. Still, Cryseye did managed to get contact with the flying Zubat with her Thunder Punch, dealing moderate damage since the Electric-Type attack was super effective against her opponent. Still, let's just hope that Cryseye doesn't get any excruciating pain that might cause her to be at a disadvantage...

    She was greatly tempted to take out one of her Antidotes to heal Cryseye from the poison, but she resisted digging her hand into the bag, deciding that she'll only use it if Cryseye's conditions get worse than what she was currently facing now. Sighing, Andrea glanced at her ghost, hoping that her feminine goblin would hear her next commands and understand them completely.

    "Cryseye!" Andrea said. "If you can hear me well, then send a Fire Punch at the Zubat's direction, then see if you can flinch the Poison-Type with a Astonish, followed by a Fury Swipes again!"

    ~Fizzy Bubbles~
    Hena - Mightyena - Female - Lv. 100
    Cryseye - Sableye - Female - Lv. 54
    Koro - Murkrow - Male - Lv. 25
    Karasa - Beautifly - Female - Lv. 25
    Aurora - Dewgong - Female - Lv. 50
    Daku - Nuzleaf - Male - Lv. 25
    Draci - Zubat - Female - Lv. 6
    Gypsy - Misdreavus - Female - Lv. 5
    Angel - Absol - Female - Lv. 11
    Lilac - Caterpie - Female - Lv. 6
    Derugo - Houndour - Male - Lv. 9

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    Some say that pirates steal and should be feared and hated
    I say we're victims of bad press it's all exaggerated
    We'd never stab you in the back, we'd never lie or cheat
    We're just about the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet

    Southern Beach Please reply in Yellow


    Your little Trapinch buddy looks up at you, and then at the other Trapinch. With a grunt, Validus stands still while you climb onto his head, and begins to prepare to toss you up. Krabu manages to get a clawful of skin and shirt, helping drag you backwards so you can get out of the hole. Wincing, you sigh in relief as the orange-red crab lets you go, and scuttles forward to stare at his master.

    Meanwhile, down in the hole, Validus and Trapinch are having a staring contest, both sets of beady black eyes staring into each other. Neither move, and neither blink. You watch them for awhile, before Trapinch bows its huge head to Validus, and backs away into the sand, disappearing from sight. Validus looks up at you, and then also disappears into the sand, but thankfully reappears next to you seconds later as it digs through the sand.

    You suddenly find yourself sitting on the side of the hole still holding the native woman, Krabu staring at her unconcious form with Validus at your side. What will you do?


    Unfortunatly, the Shellder is not ready to give up. It leaps from the water, blasting all three of you with an ICE BEAM, giving poor Tangle a headache and freezing Mary to the sand around her. Giggling, the small bivalve then begins to zoom around in circles, quite pleased with its actions. It hops up from the water a couple more times, spitting a mass of water at you each time.

    Angry, Tangle wobbles, but looks back to you for guidance, wondering if it should once again attack the Shellder before you continue to search the beach, or whether to just run for it.

    ??? What will you do ???


    Waves of ocean water break gently on the shore, and a light wind picks up, cooling you down. A flock of Wingull flies overhead, searching for any food scraps they can get their hands on. Er...beaks. Wings? Whatever. Krabby scuttle along the shore, being harassed by said Wingull. Suddenly, a group of Krabby skedaddly in front of you, barring your way. You notice yourself to be boxed in by the little buggers. There's at least 50 of them!

    They begin to advance slowly, pincers clicking, as they let out their odd cry. "Cookie...COOKIE!" Before they reach you, however, an opening appears straight down the middle of them, right in front of you, and a rather large Kinglar stalks forward, massive pincer clacking loudly. A crown made of seaweed and kelp adorns its head, and it glares at you. "COOOOOOOKIE!" It bellows, before slamming its claw into the sand, obviously demanding why you dare tread on its domain.

    What will you do?

    Emerald Forest Please reply in Gray


    Fredrick grins, and nods. "All right then. I know your Sneasel can be very quiet, but I must warn you. When I say so, be quiet. Try not to make any sounds. These Beedrill are picky as to who enters their land, and to piss them off would be...quite bad, on our part." Fredrick warns, before turning and beginning to walk off. He stops for a few seconds to converse with a gaurd, who hands Fredrick some sort of ball, and a clipboard, as well as a backpack. With a curt nod, he continues on, and you follow him into the forest.

    Buzzing and creaking greet your ears, obvious signs of life in the lush aboreal verdance. Small insects flit about, mosquitos pestering you endlessly. Getting annoyed at them, you about order Sneasel to do something about it, knowing its attacks could annihalate them, when Fredrick crouches down beside a tree, motioning you to do the same.

    "Alright..." He whispers. "We're getting close. Be sure not to make any noises, and to follow my orders exactly. If we do this right, we'll get out of this alive." A little stunned by the words "get out of this alive," you stare at Fredrick as he pulls the pack off his back. With a small grunt, he lifts a machine out of it, and begins to fiddle with it. "This machine gives off the same pheromones as the rest of the Beedrill hoarde here. It should allow us to get very, very close to the creatures without disturbing them." He explains.

    Quite suddenly, a the buzzing sound filled the air, more than normal, and a group of Beedrill appeared. Immediatly, they stopped flying, and turned to stare straight at you. Fredrick turns white, and gives you the universal "oh shit" look. "It''s not working..." He stammers out. Immediatly, the group clang their spears together, and begin charging down, the three of them headed straight for you.

    What will you do?

    Emerald Forest Please reply in Royal Blue


    Lucius lets out a small cackle as he opens his mouth and somehow spits a white-hot ball of fire towards Pinsir, who holds out one claw, as if to say "stop!" to the attack. Seconds before it hits, the WILL-O-WISP bursts apart and dissipates. With a barking laugh, the Pinsir launches itself through the air, and seconds before it hits Lucius, Pinsir disappears with a sharp crack, and a faint smell of brimstone lingers in the area. A split-second after disappearing, Pinsir reappears above Lucius hanging from a branch by its feet, and it slams its fist into Lucius, sending him spinning away.

    WIth an angry cry, Lucius rights hisself before shooting twin black thunderbolts at the bug, striking it in the chest. Without missing a beat, the Pinsir drops to the ground quicker than your eye can follow, and without warning, it leaps at Lucius, plunging a claw deep into his body. Crying out in pain, Lucius's form constricts and writhes until the rest of Pinsir passes through. When he hits the ground, Pinsir slowly stands up, clutching something to him tightly. He extends the claws that hit Lucius first, and a grin forms on its bug-features. A cloth flutters about in a light wind - Lucius's Spell Tag!

    "A lovely little trinket, I have stolen for myself. This thing should bring me lots of wealth!" The Pinsir cackles again. "And by wealth, I mean power! For you see, I am a special, very special, Shaman of my people..." Lucius's Spell Tag, now in the Pinsir's claws, begins to glow, as does Pinsir. Lucius lets out a small gasp as a purple line of energy flows from him to the Spell Tag, and from the Spell Tag to Pinsir. After quite a few seconds, Lucius slumps down a little bit, and Pinsir tosses the Spell Tag aside, flexing. "Ghost Pokemon are quite fun..." It rasps, before throwing both of its arms in front of it. In between its two hands, a small black and purple ball of energy begins to form, purple lightning arcing through it...and Lucius looks kind of weary!

    What will you do?

    Emerald Forest Please reply in Limegreen


    Rini takes a deep breath before glowing purple, and soon she spits out five rather large balls of purple sludge. They drift slowly forward, before Trogly and Arkound take potshots at them before the SLUDGE BOMBS can reach their targets with a combined ICY WIND. The now frozen balls thud into the soft loam, leaving some obstacles in the way of the battle. Sakura hops past the now Iced Bombs, and gets hit with an ICE BEAM straight in the stomach, blowing her backwards.

    Trogly performs a leap over the balls and lands next to Rini, unfortunatly with its back turned to Sakura, who bounds forward eagerly, clamping down onto the frog and beginning to STOCKPILE some energy. Rini lets out a rather loud YAWN, small pink bubbles floating from her towards Trogly, popping on impact. Trogly too lets out a yawn, and begins to move drowsily towards Rini with Sakura still attached. Hearing something, Sakura detaches herself from Trogly and turns to find Arkound standing on top of one of the frozen balls. Sakura and Arkound react at the same time, Arkound firing another twin-beam of energy from its eyes, this time purple in colour, and Sakura spits out a bright white beam, evidently having decided to SPIT UP the energy she stockpiled. With a bang, the two attacks collide, sending the combatants flying in every direction.

    Sakura slides down a tree trunk, while Rini picks herself out of a patch of clovers, both looking worse for the wear. The combined HIDDEN POWER and SPIT UP had caused the frozen SLUDGE BOMBS to explode! Arkound is laying on its side about twenty feet away from Trogly, who is amazingly still sleeping. The young man who trained the two looks worried, but awaits his Pokemon to show signs of movement before ordering attacks.

    Your orders?

    Diamond Falls Please reply in Light Blue


    Gaurdian lets out a mighty roar of challenge as the new creature whose three heads respond in king. Gaurdian once more stokes some inner workings of himself and produces a blast of flames, which strike the river which, sorry to say, flowing towards the Gyarados. The flames do nothing to the water but evaporate some of it, and the new creature responds with an attack of its own.

    Gaurdian begins to move forward, but a cascade of water rises in front of the serpent. Bemused, Gyarados begins to head backwards but again is stopped by a powerful spout of water. The water twists and surrounds Gaurdian, forming a large BUBBLE PRISON around it. Gaurdian's roars can be heard from inside, but struggle as he does, he can't pull off any attacks.

    What will you do?


    Walking along the path, you can see the area was aptly named. A short trot though some trees, and Diamond Falls explodes into view, light glinting off the falling water, prisms on the other side of it shooting multi-coloured light in every direction. The sight is breath-taking, and you stop to watch it, content. A light mist sprays on your from the churning water, and your Pikachu walks over to the water's edge, taking a peek in. With a squeak, he tumbles backwards as pillar of water rises in front of his face.

    A white horn rises after the water, followed by a pinkish-white and orange-red body. The fish waves its tail elegantly, before sending another spray of water into the air. Eclair walks back over, poking the water a couple times before putting his face up close to it. The Goldeen looks back at him from underwater, and begins to mimic his actions, moving to the side when he does, and etc. The two continue the game as you finally are able to tear your eyes from the water.

    The only Pokemon around seems to be the Goldeen, and you can spy two paths leading away from the waterfall.

    What will you do?

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    To my group: Sorry for the long wait guys, i've just been really busy lately and i've done most of them only three left :/ But I promise as soon as I write them I will so post them, but not making anymore promises to when that will be. ALSO i'd just like to add hinting for updates in the TO, or on any kind of IM system won't make me update faster, it actually in fact slows me down because it makes me less willing to write them. So next time if you are one of the 'hinting' ones bare in mind it makes me slower.

    Thank you for reading and being patient (for those that it applies to :P)

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