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    Default Confirmed for pickup on Monday, August 11, 2008.

    Hidden Machine Confirmation
    Stark: Torchic with HM Strength

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    Picking up Torchic with Strength, Thanks

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    A Special Birthday Opportunity Awaits!

    For today only we're giving one of your Pokémon the chance to learn one of the obsolete Advanced Moves, Icicle Spear or Volt Tackle.

    The introduction of Diamond and Pearl sent these two AMs flying out of the Training Centre window, but if you're one of those people who wish they were still available, today is your chance to take advantage of our special offer.

    Your Pokémon must still meet the required stipulations, so let's take a quick look at what those are.

    - Your Pokémon must be at or above Lv.25.
    - A payment of three Heart Scales is required.
    - If your Pokémon is not type compatible with the move being taught, an additional payment of either a Water Stone (for Icicle Spear), or Thunderstone (for Volt Tackle), will be required.

    There is no need to wait one week for your Pokémon to have learned the move, but confirmation will be required before you can add the move to their statistics.

    Ensure you make use of this opportunity, because it's a rare one! Enjoy!

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