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    Name: MTC
    Starter Pokemon, gender, level 5 and nickname: Ralts, Male, Level 5, Bix

    Misc: Bix use to visit MTC's house everyday and they became good friends and when the time came for MTC to start as a pokemon trainer, Bix agreed to join him.

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    * Name: Shou

    * Starter Pokémon, gender, Level 5 and Nickname: Chatot, Male, Level 5, Cantare

    * Misc: Cantare and Shou met because of their common interest, singing. Therefore Shou kept him as a pet, and went together for an adventure to improve their skills. Of course, on the way, battles and contests!

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    Name: Tj
    Starter Pokemon, gender, level 5 and nickname: Squirtle, Male, Jetta

    Misc: Tj received this pokemon from his grandmother as an egg, and took care of it until it hatched. Now that he has a partner, he wishes to take Jetta out and train him to be the best pokemon he can be.

    Need to enable PM's to be able to recieve the test, send me a PM when it's activated if it isn't in 48hr's registration won't be accepted.
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    Name: Alex
    Starter, Gender, Level, Nickname: Phanpy, Male, Level 5, Phil
    Misc.: Alex received Phil on his birthday, right befoer moving. He was a gift from the proffesor who wanted to make sure Alex was protected. After arriving in the land of Fizzy Bubbles, Alex has taken care of Phil, and went on some small jobs for the townpeople. Deciding to go on a real adventure, Phil was the perfect choice.

    EDIT: *prays to get in*

    EDIT2: If I'm accepted before it is closed, can I enter the UFC?

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    Starter,Gender,Level,Nickname:Growlithe,Male,Level 5,Tiger
    Tiger and John have been friends for quite some time and know each other well.

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    Let's try this again... *With hopefully no unexpected computer crashes*

    Name:Roy Nickels

    Starter Pokémon: Lv 5 Grimer, Male

    Misc: Stuck in a urban metropolis slum most of his life, Roy’s life looked bleak. His dreams were to make it big in the Pokemon training business, but Pokemon were prohibited to be caught/owned in the area and were to be confiscated. After “Collecting” funds for his get away out of the city for a couple of years, all he needed was a Pokemon or at least a Pokeball to set him on the right foot. Luckily, his uncle smuggled one for him. Sadly his schmuck of an uncle provided him with a Grimer probably captured from the next city over, who apparently has grown attached to a bucket it resides in. Smuggling the Grimer out of the city with him, Roy departed in his journey to make a name for himself.

    Edit: Whoops, didn't see the post limit! Sorry! :P

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    well im number nine so I probably won't get in but just in case you are letting in a couple more people Ill try now.

    Name: Zack Robinson

    Starter: Chimchar, Male, level 5, (Wipeout)

    Zack had started travelling without any pokemon waiting to find the perfect one to start with. Wipeout and Zack met when Zack saved him from drowning. Afterwards Zack knew that this chimchar was the pokemon he wanted. Now Wipeout(chimchar) now trusts zack way more than anything else but flinches at the sight of water. They now travel together and zack keeps the fire in Wipeout burning and helping him trying to get him to overcome his fear of water.

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    I just hope that I can. But you said five, so I guess it depends on who you accept.

    Name: Ryan Mitchell

    Starter: Lvl 5 Male Pidgey (Phoenix)

    Ryan lived in a small area for most of the time, not doing much. A friend, who was starting to become a trainer, gave him a Pidgey. Ryan set out soon after, wondering how things would turn out. He made friends with the Pidgey easily enough.

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    Name: Kori Gotcha

    Starter: Torchic, Male, Lvl 5

    Misc: Kori has always dreamed of going out and seeing the world like his big brother did when he was 10, however plans had to be put on hold till Kori was 15 because of an illness in the family. Now that everything is better, Kori is finally able to go out and live his dream. As a precaution, Kori's big brother gave him a Torchic, the baby of his brother's Blaziken so that Kori can always be protected and have a partner through his journeys.

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