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Zone Closure

I apologise to each and every one of my updatees as well as Wayne's, but the time has come for me to close this zone. The Cloud Garden will return to being a UPN only zone from this point forward and a new zone will open here in a couple of months to replace it.

For my updatees, I will continue your adventures in the new zone but if you wish to restart you will also have that option. For Archaic, you've battled Treecko through enough rounds to receive him as your reward, you would have captured it anyway, so he's a Lv.6 male and is now yours if you wish to accept him. I do know now you like to feel you "deserve" a capture however, so if you'd prefer to continue this battle at a later date I'll respect your decision. Rad Ed, due to your adventure being interrupted on a few occasions combined with my slowness as of late, I can't give you the reward I had originally intended to. This is my own fault, and I apologise, but I will give you Old Amber which you can adventure with later in order to complete your storyline.

So that's about it for now, and we'll see you all in the new zone when it opens ^-^

It's alright, Tess ^_^ I understand that FB most definitely isn't the only thing in your life, and even with the updates getting a bit slower, It's still a great adventure,. plus, Because they don't come so often, they're even more fun to read. I'll stow that old amber and I can't wait to start up again ^^ thanks again!