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    Default Adoption Centre Records

    Welcome to the Fizzy Bubbles Adoption Centre!

    You can have up to 6 Pokémon in your party and up to 6 in your PC. If you want to remove one to make more room, just post its stats here and remove it from your party. The Adoption Centre has three services currently available. General Adoption which is divided into two categories, Adoption with Ownership Rights and Adoption without Ownership Rights, a Pokémon Request List and a Babysitting Service.

    Rules and Information:

    * If you have a Pokémon you no longer want you may leave it here for another member to pick up and raise. Post it's level and gender (if it has one), and any special moves it may know. It will then be added to the General Adoption list.
    * Your Starter Pokémon cannot be added to the Adoption List.
    * Only one Pokémon per member, per month, may be adopted from the Adoption Centre. Requested Pokémon do not apply.
    * If you want a Pokémon that has been left here, post saying which one you want and add it to your party. You CANNOT adopt a Pokémon that is a higher level than any Pokémon in your current party.
    * Any Egg and/or Move Tutor moves a Pokémon knows are to be paid for in rare candies (the same way you would have paid for them yourself if you had sent the Pokémon to the Move Tutor). TM/HM moves do not apply. Payments are to be made up front.
    * All evolved Pokémon are to be paid for in rare candies. First evolutions are free, second evolutions will cost two candies and third evolutions will cost three. Payments are to be made up front.
    * All payments must be made up front when candies are needed as payment for the Pokémon in question, DO NOT add it to your party until you have confirmation.
    * Adopted Pokémon CANNOT be traded through the Cable Club or given away to another member. If you no longer wish to keep an adopted Pokémon it must be returned to the Adoption Centre and put up for General Adoption.

    Adoption with Ownership Rights:
    Adoption with Ownership Rights follows the same rules as normal adoption with the exception of the last one (highlighted in red). If you own an adopted Pokémon this will give you the rights you will need to trade it at a later date just as you would with any other Pokémon you would either hatch or capture.
    If you one day decide you would no longer like this Pokémon on your team, you don't need to return it to the Adoption Centre as you would with any other adopted Pokémon. The cost for Ownership Rights will be four rare candies on top of the Adoption Value of the Pokémon in question.
    Ownership Rights need not be paid immediately, only the initial value of the Pokémon (if it has any special moves). You may return to the Adoption Centre at a later date and make Ownership payment. When you have paid for Ownership Rights the Pokémon you have paid for will be removed from the Adopted Pokémon list and it will be yours to do with as you please.

    * If you want a Pokémon that has not been left here, post which one you want and it will be put on a Request List.
    * If a Pokémon is put into Adoption and being held for another member due to their request for it, that person will have one week to pick it up before their requested Pokémon is placed into General Adoption. Any new requests for that Pokémon while it is being held will not be accepted until it has left the Adoption Centre.
    * Requested Pokémon do not fall under the normal Adoption rules. Ownership Rights are given the moment it is picked up.
    * limegreen represents that a request has been fulfilled.

    Babysitting is allowed if you have made an agreement with another member to look after your Pokémon for a while.
    * You cannot have more than two of your own Pokémon in babysitting at any one time. The babysitting service is not a free PC.
    * New members are not allowed to babysit. In order to babysit for someone you must have at least one captured Pokémon on your team.
    * You may babysit as many Pokémon as you like for other members so long as you meet the above requirement.
    * Pokémon cannot be put into babysitting for the sole purpose of hatching eggs. Therefore, if you don't have the space for an egg, you cannot collect one. If you have any Pokémon in babysitting at all, the Egg House owner will deny your request for an egg.
    * Babysitting is allowed for a maximum of three months.
    * When you drop off a Pokémon for babysitting you must provide the details of how long it will be looked after. The babysitter will then drop it off at the allocated time and the owner will have five days in which to collect it before the Pokémon goes into General Adoption.
    * If anyone is pressured by another member to babysit for them and we find out, the babysitting service will be shut down.


    Pokémon Available to Adopt:
    Ratatta (M) Lv 4 {0 Candies}
    Aipom (F) Lv.5 {0 candies}
    Dunsparce (F) Lv. 6 w/ Strength, Dig {0 Candies}
    Exeggcute (F) Lv.5
    Lotad (F) Lv 5 {0 candies}
    Nosepass (M) Lv.5 {0 candies}
    Paras (M) Lv.5 {0 candies}
    Remoraid (F) Lv.5 {0 candies}
    Seedot (M) Lv.5 w/Leech Seed {1 candy}
    Slugma (F) Lv. 5 {0 Candies}
    Tangela (M) Lv.5 {0 candies}
    Wingull (M) Lv. 5 {0 candies}
    Slowpoke (F) Lv. 7 {0 candies}


    Babysitting Service:
    P-arts's Magby (M) Lv.14 with Another Fan : Pick up Date - 3rd January 2006


    Pokémon Requests:
    Houndour: Trick
    Cacnea: Dark Fire
    Cyndaquil: Solarsaur
    Misdreavus (F): Night_Shadow
    Gastly (F): Arc_Angel
    Bulbasaur: Torkoal Stu
    Poliwag (M): Crystal Tear
    Teddiursa: Golden Mew~
    Charmander: blaziken's_charizard
    Caterpie: Waterlight
    Rhyhorn: Joe
    Tyrouge: Sasuke
    Meowth: WolfinOutlawAsi
    Snubbull: P-arts
    Bagon - Rad Ed
    Onix - quilava plush
    faiyaa - Male Psyduck


    Adopted Pokémon:
    Solarsaur: Horsea (F) Lv.5, Slowpoke (M) Lv.5
    Trick: Zubat (F) Lv.5
    Azuril: Heracross (M) Lv.5
    WolfinOutlawAsi: Spearow (F) Lv.5
    Scuicide: Oddish (F) Lv.5


    Due to next Adopt:
    Trick: August 29
    Solarsaur: October 3rd
    Azuril: October 1st
    WolfinOutlawAsi: 2nd October
    Scuicide: 26th October
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    Tessie? (don't hit me when I'm wrong >.<)
    but can I ditch my lv.5 Female Spearow and Adopt the lv.5 Female Zubat?

    als, I'd like to request a Houndour.

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    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to until BMG homeboarders get settled in, but can I request Lapras? If not I'll delete my post.

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    Well, I too am not sure of this, but, I am putting my request to Chikorita (M/F)

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    Trick: I'm not gonna hit anyone don't worry. Yet....
    Waterlight: I would prefer the BMG Home Boarders settle in first but Adoption and the CC are open to everyone so it's ok.
    BC: Done

    Note to all of you: You can request now but BMG Home Boarders will go ahead of you on the list. At least for the time being. We'll just wait to see how long it takes for this branch to take off.

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    Well since we got request up and running, I shall request a Cacnea. Any gender is fine.

    Thank you tessie.

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    I'm not sure if UPN homeboarders can adopt but if so, can I adopt the Horsea and put up a request for a Magby.Thanks for the time.

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    Dark Fire & Solarsaur: You're both fixed up ^-^

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    May I put up a request for a Eevee, please?

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    Request for a Female Misdreavous please. Just for the heck of it.

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    GM & NS: Done

    Also, could everyone please note when requesting that you should make the request reasonable. I've never, ever known of a Super or Ultra Rare Pokémon such as Eevee, Bagon, Absol, Dratini, Feebas, etc being put up for Adoption. Those are all highly sought after Pokémon and if anyone did ever find/hatch one they wouldn't end up in here, they'll end up on someone's Trade List. I've even seen people put in requests for Fossil Pokémon and can't help shaking my head.

    When requesting, try making it something you're likely to be able to get. I know some people think, "What about Pokémon dropped off from the Shard Shop?" but I can guarantee that I'll never make a riddle with either Super or Ultra Rare Pokémon. It wouldn't be fair for someone to get a riddle for a Pokémon as common as a Pidgey while somebody else got an ultra rare Beldum.

    However, what you decide to request is completely up to you. I'm only suggesting you give some thought to your choice because the whole idea of the request list is for you to be able to get something you want.

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    May I request a female Gastly please Tess?

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    Hey Tess I'm here to request (Hee ryhmed :D) A Bulbausar of any gender. Please.

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    I'd like to request a male Poliwag please.

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    Here to change meh request to a Teddiursa, gender no matter, thank ye.

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