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    Marion carefully takes her drink, sipping so as to savor the taste while Duke compliments her on her appearance. "Heh, thanks," she says with a bit of color on her cheeks, blushing at the compliment. "You do, too," she adds, admiring his black ensemble. Out of curiosity, the dragon tamer decides to ask Marion about her family, starting with this sibling of hers that Duke had not yet had the chance to meet. Marion pauses a moment, thinking of how to appropriately convey her sister's personality to Duke without giving away her true identity. "Technically, she's my half-sister, but we're so close that we call each other sisters. We even look alike, except that she has darker hair and dresses with a much more gothic sensibility. She's... well, eccentric, but the same could be said about me, couldn't it?" Marion laughs a bit. "She went to university to study literature. She's a far better writer than I could ever hope to be, much as I love to read. She's the black sheep of our family in that she prefers dark type Pokemon over ghost-types. I think she just likes having the advantage, but that's the type of person she is. Outgoing, competitive, sadistic, dripping with sarcasm... but she's my sister." Marion shrugs. "I'm sure you'll meet her sometime. She tends to hang around Keith quite a bit, so if you ever decide to visit him, she will likely be there, as well."

    Marion pauses for a moment, looking at her drink with a wistful expression. "I must have told you that this drink reminds me of my grandfather, yeah? I have to admit... I miss him and Nana an awful lot. They passed away when I was very little, but I remember them nonetheless. My parents abandoned me at their doorstep, I am told they have passed away, as well... To be honest, Cosie is really the only family I've got, other than my Pokemon. She made sure that I always had the best nannies to raise me. They played with me all the time and taught me all sorts of interesting things about the world." Marion happily thinks back to the Haunter and Gengar who served as her guardians, but leaves the little detail of their species out of the description. "I think I'm lucky, though. I have plenty of wonderful friends around me who fill my life with joy. That's all I need, really... My sister, my Pokemon and my friends." Marion grins, realizing that her sips have built up such that half of her drink is already gone. "What about you, Duke? What's your family like?"

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    Duke periodically nods as he attentively listens to Marion's description of Coselle. Though only half-sisters, they were still pretty close and alike. Though like all siblings, also very unique. Outgoing, sadistic, competitive and dripping with sarcasm ... Balmund wouldn't necessarily call them bad habits, though he could easily picture others having a problem with that. Nonetheless, she was Marion's sister, and thus, one would just have to accept her the way she is. Duke was sure he would meet her well enough soon.

    Pausing for a moment, Marion goes on to talk about her own parents, or rather lack thereof as they left her abandoned at her grandparents's doorstep. It was them who in turn took the role of Mom and Dad, though unfortunately died when she was still very young, being instead raised by her nannies. Her growing up must've been tough, Duke figured. He couldn't comprehend what would prompt a parent to abandon his child. Why bring them to the world in the first place if one's not going to take responsibility for their life? But at the very least Marion too had many beautiful memories throughout her life, and was now happily surrounded by her sister, her Pokémon, and her friends. As expected, she then asks Duke about his own.

    "Family means everything to me." Duke started off. "Where I come from, it's a cultural thing to put blood above friends. I grew up thinking like this, and the feeling was enforced by my parents. Sure, they made a lot of mistakes, but in general, they always sought out for my best interests and made many sacrifices to ensure that we were well taken care of, and most importantly, loved. I'm sure I told you about my Dad. A very clean, intelligent and organized man. A doctor with exceptional treatment towards people, though he was perhaps a bit too old fashioned and harsh with us at times, but I greatly respected him for being a man of principles and values. My mother was very young and immature when I was born, barely eighteen as a matter of fact. She had the roughest time with me than with any of my siblings. We get along very well though. I see her like one of my best friends and confidants. Heh, she's aged very well too. People would often confuse her for my older sister, or worse, if you know what I mean. She too is a Dragon Tamer, and a very good one. People had often compared her skill to the current leader, Claire, if that serves as any indication. It's been a long time since I've seen them. Seeing both her and Angel, her Dragonair, in action, was a thing to behold. I miss them very much."

    "Never talked to you about this, but I have several siblings. I'm the eldest of us four. There's my brother, Edwin, with whom I'm very close. We would do a lot of stupid things back then. Skate, backyard wrestling, assorted pranks, picking fights at school, you name it. We dared for even worse when we got older, though only as long as we had each other to back us up. He's grown very distant lately though. Our curent goals and interests are just... different."

    "I also have two younger sisters. Theresa's the rebellious one. She never really managed to fit in, and moved out of home as soon as she possibly could. She still calls me every now and then though, so its good to hear she's doing well, even if she's probably going to get herself into some huge problem the way she's living her life right now. And lastly, there's Lucy, the 'spoiled brat', though she's adorable and full of life. I guess I like her so much because I can relate her to a certain team member of mine." He chuckled. "I'm sure you'd like them."

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    Marion happily and intently listens to Balmund describe his family, eager to learn more about his upbringing; after all, how one is raised has so much to do with the type of person one ultimately becomes. It was a topic she did not discuss often, though she found it fascinating; Minerva had raised the ghostly trainer to never, ever ask about family, and if Duke had not been the one to bring up the subject, Marion would have certainly stayed away from it. Even despite his apparent willingness to share these details with her, Minerva's insistence on the matter sat deep in Marion's mind, and left her hesitant to ask questions. Even in the case of her own parents, all Minerva would say by way of explanation was, "They de-ci-ded you would be hap-pi-er with me and your grand-par-ents. You are hap-py, are you not?" When Marion would say yes (as she always did), Minerva would invariably narrow her eyes and respond, "Then that is all there is to say." Marion knew, even when she was little, that there was plenty left unsaid in Minerva's explanation, but though honesty was never one of Minerva's virtues, Marion knew better than to press the issue with her.

    Marion tries to picture each member of Duke's family in her mind as he describes them, and marvels at the strong bond and the deep respect he seems to have for each member, despite any potential arguments or differences. She did remember Duke describing his father when tending to Durandal's wounds after the battle with August; he had shown a great deal of expertise in treating his Salamence, attributing his skill to that of his father. Even in that exchange, Marion had sensed the deep reverence Duke had for him, even if he had the tendency to be rather strict. Though Duke implied every so often that he did not always follow the straight and narrow path himself, his father's influence was clearly present. He seemed like the type of person who did his absolute best to set a good example for his children, which was certainly deserving of admiration and respect. Balmund then mentions the age of his mother when he was born, and Marion cannot help but imagine herself having to take care of 6 year old at the age of 24. After visibly shuddering at the very thought of it, Marion decides that his mother deserves a hell of a lot of credit for raising a child at such a young age. She wonders if Duke takes after his mother... clearly, he had chosen her profession, but she imagined the similarities did not end there. If his mother was anything like him, then she imagined that she would get along with her just fine.

    Marion smiles at the thought of Edwin and Balmund being partners-in-crime as kids, growing up with the assurance that no matter what insanity either got themselves into, they could rely on the other to make their way out. Marion can sense a twinge of sadness as Duke explains that the two had grown apart recently; Marion resists the temptation to ask more about their drifting apart, instead allowing him to transition into his description of his two younger sisters. Though they earn the titles from Duke of "rebel" and "spoiled brat" respectively, there is a definite affection meant within those titles, despite their brutal honesty. Despite their faults, they were his sisters, and they had a special place in his heart, particularly Lucy given her resemblance to a certain spoiled brat of his own. Marion nods emphatically at Duke's assertion that she would like his family if she were to meet them. "I would love to meet them all someday," Marion says enthusiastically. "It sounds like you have a wonderful family. That's definitely not something to take for granted."

    Marion sighs wistfully, before realizing as she puts her glass up to her mouth that her casual sipping has depleted her drink. She sets the empty glass down on a table beside them; though she could tolerate quite a bit of alcohol despite her size and weight, her cheeks do appear a bit more flush then before, a soft pink against her pale cheeks. "Say, Duke... Who would you say are your friends around here in Fizzytopia? My guess is that we have a few in common... I mean, I know we're both friends with Hyrem, but I was curious who else you would consider a friend." Marion smiles. "I've been pleasantly surprised at how easy it's been to make friends here, even despite the fact that I've been back from university for less than a year. Trainers here are really nice... They don't make me feel like a freak or anything like that." Marion laughs a bit, though there is a slight wince in Marion's expression when she says the word "freak," as if it is a term she is intimately familiar with.

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    Marion listens attentively to Duke talk about his family with great interest before exclaiming about how nice it would be to meet them. Having a nice family was definitely not something one could take for granted, and Duke was well aware of how lucky he was of being born into one. She sighs wistfully, taking the last few drops sitting at the bottom of her drink, hiding between the cracks of the still melting ice cubes, and Duke figured her thoughts were turning towards her own family. She then appropriately changes up the topic, asking now asking him about his friends. Just as much as "who did you grow up with" shapes you as a person, so does "who do you hang out with" apply. Marion thought that they might have more friends in common, Hyrem already being one of those, and was surprised at friendly the community seemed to be nice in general. At the very least, they didn't make her feel like a freak.

    "Heh, aren't we all freaks anyways? People are weird, every single one of us. Not even Normal-types have anything 'normal' about them." Balmund chuckles, making light of Marion's last statement, though not without taking note of the change of tone in that one particular word. "People can also be very mean though. But they can only hurt one as much as one allows them, right?"

    "Now, friends, huh? You know, I think true friends are far and few between, but I have found this whole place to be home of many great souls. Many of my Pokémon were once owned by someone else, and you could say that's one things that connects us on a level above that of simple acquaintances. Well, Hyrem's definitely a friend we both share. I also think you know Stacey very well too. She's literally there every single time I have a major Pokébattle, and she even shares my interest in card games. Let's see, there's Stark, Sothe's original owner and caretaker of a Poochyena I once had who went by the name of Nailah. There's Shadow, a very gifted researcher who helped me a lot on my papers on Kerrigan. There's Jaime, a long time friend of mine, and self-proclaimed 'Dragon Slayer'. He showed up once at the Bar, remember? I could go on and on about the list of people I've met in here. They're all, in general, very nice folk. Some can't help watching their mouths, and some can't help fighting between themselves, but such is the nature of man, right?" Balmund pauses for a second to take a long sip off his still unfinished drink, and takes a deep breath stepping up the current topic. It was a thought that was circling Duke's head for a while, and though he could guess what her feelings where through what her body said alone, he still needed conformation by word. For some reason, hearing it by word of mouth, was also important. "Say, Marion? Here's a ... curious question. What kind of friend am I, to you?"
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    Duke senses Marion's familiarity with being treated as an outcast, and lightheartedly comments that nearly everyone could be considered strange in some way. Even "Normal" types were anything but normal. The ghostly young woman has to agree with him on that point; from the mysterious Porygon line that called cyberspace its home to the amazing transformation capabilities of Ditto to the artistic capabilities of Smeargle, it was hard to call any normal type really and truly "normal." If normal types couldn't be normal, how could Marion possibly expect herself to accomplish normality, either? Duke then adds that people do have the tendency to be cruel, but their cruelty only has as much power as the target will allow. Marion nods at this in agreement; it was easier said than done, of course, but there was a definite truth to that statement. It had taken a long time for Marion to realize that those who ridicule her were not worth her time or energy, though occasionally there was that one person whom she so desperately wished would see her for who she really was, and not just some weirdo. Thankfully, such an event had not happened in years... She was less and less inclined to pine after those who treated her poorly, and she imagined that was a good thing.

    The topic transitions to friends, and Duke supports Marion's viewpoint that there are a number of wonderful people hanging around FB. He mentions that he seems to share a special bond with those whom he trades Pokemon, and Marion immediately flashes to a trade, many months ago, between herself and Balmund; on that fateful day, the Scyther now known as Zelgius evolved upon being inducted into Balmund's team, and in turn, the ghostly trainer had obtained a Nincada of her very own. She had kept the name her trainer had rightfully given her, that of the beautiful Japanese cherry blossom, Sakura. It was not easy to let the Scyther that she had held onto and trained for many years go, and yet, even back then, she trusted Balmund, sensing his capabilities as a trainer. She had not been proven wrong. She imagined that Zelgius brought some of Marion's influence into Balmund's team, much as Sakura brought the fighting spirit of the dragons who surrounded her into Marion's team, despite having been with Balmund only for a short time. Marion had to agree with Duke; there was something about trading Pokemon that was almost sacred... as if one is giving a part of themselves away to another.

    Marion's face lights up at the mention of Stacey, an old friend from her days at the Mansion. "Oh, Stacey... She and I go way back. I was so happy to see her again after so many years away from Fizzytopia. I am so impressed with how far she's come since we were both young. I don't think the Fizzytopian Government could be in better hands, personally; she is the one person I would trust, more than anyone, to take care of a situation and lead properly and fairly. I wish I could get to visit her more often, but she is always so busy... I imagine that's how it must be, given her position." Marion sighs wistfully, the expression on her face bittersweet; it is easy to see that she misses her old friend, but she encourages Duke to continue, wanting to hear more about his friends. Stark and Shadow are both familiar names to Marion; though she had not interacted with either trainer that often, she had heard from Minerva that Shadow was a very interesting trainer: pragmatic, practical and overly analytic, with a particularly amusing Chatot that Minerva insisted Marion would like. How Minerva knew about all this, Marion had no idea... but figured it was best not to ask. Marion pauses at first at the mention of a "Jaime" not quite picturing the fellow that Duke was talking about until he used the term "Dragon Slayer" and mentioned him being at the bar. "Ooooh, right! The man with the Spheal! He seemed really nice, but I never really got the opportunity to speak with him. He's out travelling, isn't he? I would love to get to know him better when he gets back. Seemed like a really interesting guy." Duke then admits that he could go on and on about the people he has met in FB, but suffice to say that they were nice for the most part. Marion chuckles with recognition at the mention of certain trainers who just couldn't seem to stay out of trouble, starting fights and running their mouths... "At least they make things interesting," Marion says with a bit of a laugh. "I try to stay level-headed as much as I can, even when tempers are raging... I have learned from my younger days that nothing good ever comes from running your mouth, haha~'

    Balmund pauses for a moment, and Marion becomes aware of a sudden feeling of tension... The long drink he takes from his glass, the deep inhale, the pose he enters, as if bracing himself... Before he even asks the question, Marion anticipates that it would be an important one. Sure enough, he brings forth the topic that had been buzzing around both their heads, like a pesky fly that could not be swatted away, and asks Marion to be candid about what type of friend he would consider her to be. Resisting the urge to say "Dragon Type," Marion deeply inhales herself, trying to gather her thoughts as quickly as she can so as not to leave Duke hanging for an answer. She knew that if she came on too strong, things could possibly end very badly for her... and yet, if she was not honest, she could potentially miss out on an amazing relationship. In that brief moment of breathing in, Marion decides to simply go for it, and let her heart dictate her speech.

    "You're... different, from my other friends. I-In a good way, I mean." Not off to the best start, but Marion does her best not to be deterred, and presses on, her face already showing signs of blushing; "I mean, I have quite a few friends here, and I care for them all very much, but... There was something about you that stood out to me from the beginning. It's hard to explain in words, but... You have... you have this aura about you that's... magnetic, I guess would be the term. I'm sure I'm not the first to tell you that." Marion laughs a bit, though clearly the laughter comes more from nerves than any attempt at humor. "Did I ever tell you that Bedivere thinks that you are a real, honest-to-goodness Duke? He is convinced. No matter how hard I try, he insists that we should be paying you the taxes on our land in the Hidden Mansion since you are the Lord Balmund, Duke of Fizzytopia. I have had to intercept stray coins from ending up in your mailbox more than once." Though Marion chuckles at this seemingly unrelated story, there is a sense that the point was not brought up at random. "Anyway... I ended up getting a bit annoyed with him the last time he did that, and I asked him, 'What on Earth makes you think that he's royalty?' He turned to me, and his smile was so strange... You know what he said?"

    Marion attempts to recreate Bedivere's posh, velvet British accent as she quotes his words to her, though her accent breaks a bit at the end from the weight of the admission... Slowly, carefully, she repeats his response verbatim; "Ah, but you love him. That makes him royalty to you, does it not?"

    Marion blushes profusely, returning to her normal dialect. "I tried to laugh it off, but his words stuck with me. They had a weight, a real resonance. They played over and over again in my head. Part of me... okay, more than part of me... I... I guess I..., well, I think there's truth to what he said." Marion exhales deeply after the words finally break through, out into the open. "Actually... I know there is."

    Feeling more fragile than she ever has in her entire life, Marion cannot bear to meet Duke's gaze, for fear that what she saw in his eyes would destroy her. The admission had made her feel weak, powerless, and yet... she felt as if she had been set free, the feelings within her heart no longer so tightly locked away. She could only hope that she had not completely ruined an otherwise amazing night by her stumbling, awkward confession.

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    Marion too takes a deep breath before answering Duke's question. Understandably, it was not an easy feat when answered in all honesty, emotions getting in the way as the mind tried to put everything into words. She explains she sees him as different than her other friends, though in a good way. There was something about Duke that she felt magnetic since the very beginning, and though Duke always had trouble getting used to such compliments, he could relate to the feeling very, very well. He exhales briefly through his nostrils as a light smile draws on his face as she too laughs, though her laugh was more out of pure nervousness. He remains quiet throughout however, not wanting to disturb the flow of her thoughts until the very end.

    Out of the blue, she starts talking about Bedivere, about how the regal Frillish honestly and truly thought Duke to be an wealthy Duke of Fizzytopia. Had it not been for Marion's intervention, Duke would've already received stray coins on his mail in tax money. At one point she had asked him why did he so persistently insist on Duke's status of royalty, and Bedivere's answer was one that had stuck with her; because she loves him. Though she had tried to laugh it off, she found that she couldn't as a great part of her found truth in them.

    As her confession made it through into the open, Marion exhales deeply, turning her gaze away unable to meet Duke's eyes. Having released those feelings, she seemed even more vulnerable and petit than before. It took a moment for Marion's confession to truly register in Duke's mind and heart. Words indeed have power, and they have the ability to strike a chord within oneself much more effectively than anything else when spoken. He wasn't shocked or anything ... thoughtful would be a better description. He hadn't planned ahead. Whatever her answer would've been, he did not know how to properly follow up. And that, one could argue, was a good thing. He decides to go with the moment, and let his heart dictate his words as they spring forth into his mind.

    "You know..." He said, while his gaze wandering off into the distance. "I remember when I first saw you. It's hard to explain, but I immediately felt pulled towards you. I don't know if you noticed the kind of magnetic power you have. Back then at the Bar, you must've been had like five different folks all trying to talk with you all at once, or at least I remember it that way, and I tried, to not just be another one of the bunch. Yet, I kept thinking, this girl's beyond my reach. Out of my league. So the day you accepted to come to my place, you could say I almost went bonkers with excitement. I think you're a beautiful person, in every sense of the word. I had fallen in love with the way you think. I had fallen in love with the way you look. I had fallen in love with the way you feel. And it hurt ... the thought that I would forever be, just a friend. But I was also okay with that ... Just meeting you alone is one of the better things that happened to me. Heh, now I'm feeling all small and squishy." His gaze turns again to meet hers, ready for whatever it is that he would find in her eyes. "But I do mean all of that."
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    Having bared the fragile contents of her heart to Duke, the single, painful moment of silence threatens to drive Marion insane; the confession was sinking in to the one she loved, and there was no way she could take it back now that it had taken root within him. Duke gazes off into the distance, thinking of the right words to say, and Marion tries to prepare herself for whatever response she is met with... Then again, it seems as if Duke himself isn't quite aware of how his response will take shape. He speaks in the moment, letting his heart dictate his feelings. He recounts when they first met at the Bar, and remarks on Marion's own magnetic influence on others. It was true that she had found herself being surrounded by trainers, trying her best to move between conversations as each one presented their own topic of interest; she had thought that they were just being friendly and trying to welcome a brand new face, but perhaps there was some truth to what Balmund was saying. The dragon tamer recounts trying to stand out from the crowd that had gathered around her, all the while thinking that Marion was too popular, too sought after to be his... A rank above, and the distance between them was such that it would never truly be bridged. When Balmund extended the invitation for Marion to visit his Secret Base with August, she had thought that boundless energy and eagerness had to do with the match between their beloved dragons... That he would actually be excited for her presence at his Base had not occurred to her... perhaps because she did not want to give herself any false hope. He tells her that he thinks of her as a beautiful person, and admits to having fallen in love with all aspects of her being. And it hurt... A twinge of guilt aches within Marion's heart; she had been so afraid of being hurt herself, had hid her feelings so deeply inside that she had neglected to think of what Duke may be feeling; the thoughts she had experienced herself, of being nothing more than a friend... Why had she not admitted to her feelings sooner? Why did she let all those little anxieties and insecurities hold her back? Then again, she supposed that if she had tried before, it would not have been the right time, the right place... And in the relative dark seclusion of the club, where the music throbbed and pulsed like a heartbeat, somehow they both knew... this would be the time, and place. The moment they had constructed for themselves... it could not have been more perfect. Her cheeks pink with blush from the compliments and admiration, she felt about nine times more intoxicated than she actually was; she could almost feel the room spinning as Duke's words hit her like a drug. Complete and utter euphoria.

    When his eyes finally turn to meet hers, her gaze is completely naked; stripped of all concealment, her glittering affection shines through, unfiltered, bright. Still with that bit of mischief and playfulness, a little smirk forms underneath her bright eyes, a soft laugh echoing. At first, her voice is mock-logical, a farce of her usual personality, always analyzing the situation; "Well, if you are in love with me, and I am in love with you..." Her tone abruptly lightens, taking on a hint of seduction as she leans in closer; "Then what the Hell are we waiting for?"

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    ((Sorry for the super-lateness, had a lot of stuff going on ^^;

    On a side note, Marion, you could've had a field trip with my Phantom Isle adventure related to the reason why Okiku feels attracted to Psychic Pokémon.... XD Unless myahoo reads this and gets inspiration from it now! XP))

    Keith, Coselle, Marion, Okiku, Cele, Blaze, Hyrem, Connor, Alice:

    While Coselle and Keith talked to each other for a while, Okiku felt a bit dizzy, losing quite a chunk of the conversation. With the little part of her brain that can still think straight, she guessed that she was getting a bit drunk for the first time in her life. She knew what to do to help her sober up a bit: she ordered to the busy barman something to drink (with no alcohol) and to eat, which he went ahead to prepare her a glass Persim Berry lemonade and a plate of nachos. While he was doing that though, it was too late and Okiku completely lost it, starting to spur out random things she didn't even understand the meaning of them (and/or wasn't even conscious she was saying them), like "finding a legend under a truck", "un couple de fantômes vivants dans la brasserie", and "disappearing at the same time as a Cerulean trainer notices you". Her strange rant ended though as she filled her gut with the lemonade and the nachos the barman gave to her in a timely manner, then she started to go back to normal.

    The first thing Okiku heard after being herself again is Coselle talking about the new Pokémon that was recently discovered. She would actually love to own a Fennekin and thought Marion would like Froakie, while Keith preferred Chespin so far. Okiku shook her head before speaking to clear her head as much as possible.

    "I'm interested into Fennekin myself. Not only that Pokémon's adorable, but I'm quite curious and hoping the on the truthfulness of the the theory where its final evolution becomes part-Psychic," she grinned. "But I'll probably be fit to flip a table if it ends up being part fighting, yet again..."

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    Michael had been sitting at his table sipping hot tea for quite some time, watching and listening as many people flood in to the nightclub. At first he had resolved not to eavesdrop and let someone approach him if they could get past the rather intimidating demeanor his apparel gave off, but as time passed and not a single soul even seemed to notice him he became bored, and decided to listen in on the conversations around him, sipping his tea slowly every now and then so nobody would notice the movement of a quick gulp. He had gone through several mugs worth by this point, the bartender attentively bringing him more whenever he got low, causing him to frequently think 'Well at least I'm not invisible, I suppose.'

    Two conversations began to develop around him, one from a larger group of people, and one from two people he couldn't quite hear due to their slightly hushed tones. Obviously because of this he would choose to listen in to the group... but no, words spoken hushed are always more interesting than those shouted across a room. So he listened as intently as possible, able to make out very little. But he needed not to hear the words, for their body language was likely to away everything they were saying fairly obviously. After watching a series of blushes from the girl out of the corner of his eye followed by her leaning in towards the man Michael decided that this was most definitely not anything he really cared about, just another private moment in a nightclub.

    Suddenly Michael began to feel a little bad for the eavesdropping. How would he feel if someone had been listening in on his own private moment? With a shake of his head he rid his mind of the thought and signaled for one of the nightclub's staff. When the waitress arrived Michael lightly gestured towards the couple and whispered "I've got their tabs." before slowly getting up and wandering over to the large group, deciding to make himself known.

    "Room for one more?"

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    Marion's gaze now naked and glittering with affection, she smirks, ever slightly in a seductive and playful manner. She then poses the question to which Duke couldn't help smirking back in return. Indeed, if they both had such feelings for each other, what the hell where they waiting for? Why delay this any longer? Why waste time in amiable chit-chat when they both knew what each other wanted? As Marion leaned closer, so did he comply, without hesitation. Third time's the real charmer, they say, and from there the door opened for a lot more. The night was still young, but Duke didn't really mind dance or alcohol anymore, rather, he intended to get drunk with love. Wherever it is that they would lead each other, the one thing he had for certain in his mind was the thought of ending the night with her and her only, in a privacy that went beyond even this one.

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    Keith, Coselle, Marion, Okiku, Cele, Blaze, Hyrem, Connor, Alice, Michael: Coselle smirks at Keith as he counters that the evolutions of Chespin and Fennekin could develop types that would balance out the disadvantage. "Face it, darling... Even if they do end up with secondary types, at best it would make us even." Coselle cackles. "Though, you wouldn't let a little thing like type disadvantage get you down, would you...? You've stood up to worse odds before, hehe~" The dark-haired minx considers Keith's question about the future evolutions of Froakie, Chespin and Fennekin. Coselle pauses for a moment, and an almost unnaturally wide grin spreads across her face.

    "Froakie will become the godzilla-frog. It will be part fighting, yet breathe fire, and destroy entire cities with its might. From brainy intellectual to brawny superpower... Revenge of the nerds, if you will. Fennekin will evolve into a part-poison ninja fox with a mask and flaming shurikens. It will jump out of the shadows and assassinate people by simultaneously slitting their throats with a poison dagger and setting them on fire. As for Chespin..." Coselle smirks. "Its hat will transform from dorky-cute to hideously evil and eventually take control over its mind and it will become a part-ghost chipmunkzombie in its final evolution that craves braaaaaaains." Coselle cackles at her rather ridiculous predictions; Keith catches on rather quickly to the fact that this was probably Coselle's elaborate and indirect way of saying "I have no idea".

    Turning to check on Okiku, Coselle begins feeling concerned for her new friend, as the alcohol's effects become steadily more apparent. The young lady makes the prudent decision of ordering chips and a non-alcoholic drink to counter her drunkenness, but Coselle keeps a careful eye on her as she begins speaking what seems to Coselle to be complete and utter nonsense; a bit of french that Coselle can only understand based on cognates and the fact that she had seen a few breweries in her time using the word "brasserie" to describe themselves... A couple of ghosts in the brewery? Was she possessed? All this talk of trucks and disappearing... Perhaps she was. Coselle is about to walk over to the trainer and ask if she's all right, but as her snack is served and she begins to eat, she seems to snap out of the strange rambling and return to normal. Eventually, she is coherent enough to respond to the conversation at hand, voicing her hope that Fennekin's evolution takes on a psychic secondary type.

    "I am hoping for Fennekin's evolution to be part-dark myself," Coselle says with a smirk. "Then again, psychic would make sense, given what little of its powers researchers have come across already. Heh, I would not be thrilled if it becomes part-fighting, myself... Such a graceful little creature seems ill-suited to the type, though the likes of Mienfoo and Mienshao are identified as fighting. Perhaps Fennekin would be a more graceful, agile fighter...?"

    Coselle turns her head, distracted by an approaching trainer. Despite the aura created by his choice of clothing, he seems to be a nice enough fellow. Coselle grins at his introduction, motioning silently to an open chair near the group as if to indicate that there was indeed room for another. "We are discussing the Pokemon that were recently discovered by researchers... Brand new starter Pokemon, they're saying. Have you heard about this?" Coselle smirks. "Picked out a favorite yet?"

    Marion, Duke: Third time's the charm, indeed... Unable to hold back, this third joining of the pair of trainers certainly bordered on risque for even the dark, seductive setting they were in, if not completely crossing the line. In the heat of the moment, Marion has to stop herself from ripping off Duke's shirt, as if the thought suddenly occurs to her that they are still in public. Thinking quickly, she pulls away for a moment with a smile, her mind working quickly to remedy the situation. Not that she gave a shit about what others thought of her and her choices, but getting thrown out of the Nightclub in the midst of their passion was probably not the best way to spend an evening, for all of its future storytelling value. She remembers hearing that the proprietor of this particular Nightclub was particularly sensitive to the issue of drinking and driving, and in order to prevent patrons from driving home inebriated, he had recently built an addition to the second floor of the Nightclub which included some nice little rooms for individuals and couples to sleep off the booze before heading back to wherever they needed to be. Granted, Marion had walked to the Nightclub, but given that it was an off night, the bartender likely wouldn't mind giving her a key to one of the rooms. She decides to posit the idea to Balmund, with a bit of play-innocence;

    "Say, Duke... Think we should ask the bartender for a key to one of the rooms upstairs? I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit too lightheaded to walk home..." Marion smirks a bit, playing with strands of Balmund's hair as she asks the question.

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    Default Re: The Trainer-Only Nightclub: No Pokemon Allowed!!

    Keith, Coselle, Marion, Okiku, Cele, Blaze, Hyrem, Connor, Alice, Michael: Coselle reminded Keith that even if Chespin and Fennekin do gain secondary types to reverse the situation, best case scenario, they'd be evenly matched. "True," admitted Keith. "Still, it'd be better than nothing, right?" He then listened to Coselle's decidedly bizarre predictions as to what their final evolutions would be like- it wasn't hard for him to catch on to the fact that this was more than likely her highly elaborate way of saying that she had no idea. Still, he found it very amusing to picture her ideas, like Chespin's hat turning into a hideous monstrosity that turned it into a zombie, and he especially liked the idea of Fennekin's type combination becoming Fire/Poison. They were certainly unique ideas, and he couldn't honestly say that he didn't like them.

    Coselle then resumed talking to Okiku, stating that she'd prefer to see Fennekin become a Dark-type. Given her preference for aforementioned type, Keith was not surprised in the slightest by this, and had to agree- from what he had heard of Fennekin, it appeared as though it was capable of some form of psychic power, so it wouldn't be too big a stretch to think it might turn out to be Fire/Psychic. As Coselle expressed a hope that Fennekin didn't turn out to be Fire/Fighting, however, Keith nodded vigorously. "Oh, yes," he agreed. I'm noticing that a lot of Fire-type starter Pokemon these days turn out to be part Fighting. I mean, it's not a bad combination of types, but I can't really picture it for Fennekin. Not even when you consider Mienfoo and Mienshao, either. I just... I can't see it at all. Though Froakie becoming part Fighting, that doesn't seem that unreasonable. It seems to be pretty agile from what I've heard. They think it might be capable of moves like Quick Attack or Acrobatics, so I guess I could see that happening..."

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    Keith, Coselle, Marion, Okiku, Cele, Blaze, Hyrem, Connor, Alice, Michael: Accepting the invitational gesture by Coselle, Michael slouched into the nearby seat, downing a good portion of what was left of his tea immediately after doing so. The group had been discussing the recently discovered trio of starters, and speculation as to what types they may evolve into arose. Michael couldn't help but to smirk at some of the outlandish ideas. Having been asked what his favorite of the three was, he figured he'd at least give an answer. "Honestly they all seem quite interesting to me, but Fennekin looks to be by far the most promising. Many canine species tend to have astonishing abilities, likely owing to their predatorial nature." Michael would have tried to hide his love of canines had it not been for the fact that he was sporting plastic Houndoom horns on his hood, so who would he be fooling?

    Switching away from the seriousness, Michael decided he may as well speculate as well, what harm could come of it, after all? "Honestly though, the idea of an evil evolution to Chespin doesn't seem too outlandish. After all, have you ever seen a chipmunk that wasn't evil?" And with that horrendous joke out of the way, he gulped down the last of his tea and set the mug aside, deciding to start on something a mite stronger if he was going to be actually socializing. "Froakie evolving to be a fighter doesn't seem too out of the question either, though I think I could see it evolving into a steaming Steel type, picking up some moves like Scald and Mist. Wouldn't that be a riot?" His new drink arrived almost immediately after the sentence, though he opted to simply play with the stirring straw for a moment as he pondered the last of the trio. "Fennekin... I could see that going many different ways, many of which would make me quite happy, and a few of which, such as becoming a fighter, would have just the opposite effect. But I suppose only time and more research will tell." Sighing, Michael took a nice sip of his drink before rounding his thoughts off for the moment. "In all honesty, I'm just waiting on more interesting discoveries. We all know that when new discoveries are made they come in droves, and honestly, I'm sure there will be plenty of increasingly more shocking discoveries in the not too distant future."

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    Lost in the heat of the moment, both Marion and Duke had a hard time to pull away from each other before they made a public mess of themselves. Not that they really cared for their public reputation, but it wouldn't sit well if they got kicked out for crossing the line (or two, or three!). Playing innocent, Marion suggests asking the bartender for a room upstairs, of course, to sure a safe trip back home next morning, or so the story goes.

    "It's like you're reading my mind." Duke grinned playfully before leading her to the bar. There's a special kind of excitement that came forth in Duke when deliberately postponing (only a little bit) one's greatest desire, and this little but necessary distraction was just enough to further fuel the fire in him. Upon reaching the kind barman, Duke asks for some more drinks, a room upstairs, and their bill. He's genuinely surprised as he finds he tab to have already been covered by someone else, the realization that people were indeed watching them dawning upon himself. He wondered just who would be the kind soul who would do such a thing for them, and then his eyes caught sight of the rest. He easily recognized Hyrem. There was Keith who he vaguely knew, Okiku who he had interacted once in friendly battle, and Michael, with whom him he entrusted his beloved Kingdra in exchange for his Totodile. The other two women he didn't meet before,but he gathered the dark-haired one to be Marion's sister by the looks of it. Talk about timing. He wondered if they had been seen yet, and though a part of him wanted to greet them, he was now a man on a mission. He turns to Marion with a bit of a mischievous look on his face, as if non-verbally saying 'let's sneak away while we still can'. The others could definitely wait ... for a couple hours, at least.

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    Keith, Coselle, Marion, Okiku, Cele, Blaze, Hyrem, Connor, Alice, Michael: Coselle chuckles a bit at Keith's assertion that Fennekin did not seem the type of Pokemon to evolve into a fighting type, even when considering lithe, elegant fighters like Mienshao. "I certainly hope you are right. There are enough fire/fighting starters out there already. Water/fighting, however, is not quite so common... Perhaps a bit too much like Poliwrath, now that I think about it, but still... could be interesting for a starter. I am almost tempted to say that Froakie will be part Ice, now that I think about it..." Coselle listens to Michael admit to his preference for Fennekin, noting the Houndoom horns on his head as he speaks of the astonishing abilities of canine-esque Pokemon. "Mm, Fennekin is indeed quite popular, it seems... Watch it evolve into a horrifying blob of mangled, furry flesh. I would still want one, at least~!"

    Horrendous though it was, Coselle still chuckles at the joke regarding evil squirrels. They were conniving little monsters, weren't they? Especially those demonic little Pachirisu... Either way, the newcomer to the conversation decides to elaborate on his own theories; Coselle's expression is somewhat mixed at the idea of Froakie being part steel. "Hmmmm... A steampunk frog would certainly be intriguing if done correctly, especially given that he already has little spectacles, though didn't Empoleon already fill the niche for a water/steel starter? I suppose one more couldn't hurt..." Coselle grimaces. "Then again, I said that about Infernape, did I not? Ah, but I tend to prefer steel over fighting generally anyhow." Coselle seems to agree far more with Michael's opinion that there are many possibilities with Fennekin, and while some were exciting to think about, others (like yet another fire/fighting starter) were not so worthy of enthusiasm. Calling over the Bartender, Coselle decides to order some Triptocaine before turning to meet Michael's gaze. "Say... I don't think I caught your name. They call me Coselle. Did I mention that I like your horns?" Coselle smirks a bit. "Dark types are my favorite, after all."

    Duke, Marion: Minds and hearts in sync, the two lovers agree to delay their passion for a brief moment in order to ensure their privacy, and Marion lets herself be gently led by Duke to the counter... a moment to catch their breath before delving in deeper. The barman gives Duke a knowing grin and no resistance as he hands the dragon tamer a key to one of the double beds upstairs, while commenting that their tab has been accounted for. As he mixes their drinks, Marion turns to Duke with a slightly confused expression before looking out at the bar patrons; who would have performed such a kindness for them? There were a number of trainers she did not know very well who happened to be gathered at the pub, eating, drinking and laughing; perhaps one of Balmund's friends had decided to foot the bill. Of course, Hyrem was around... and Keith... and... Coselle??

    Under normal circumstances, Marion would have angrily marched over to her troublemaker of a sister, demanding an explanation for why she went against her promise not to come in; of course, Coselle pretends not to notice her younger sibling at the counter standing incredibly close to a man who happens to be requesting keys to a double bed, but the grin that spreads across her face at seemingly nothing betrays her impish delight at her sister's newfound romance. To admonish the dark-haired trickster now would be to ruin the moment, and quite frankly, Marion had other things on her mind. Though Balmund is tempted to socialize with the group of trainers, a greater temptation reigns in him as well, and he silently indicates that the two should slip off before being noticed and invited into conversation. Giving Balmund's arm a gentle squeeze, her eyes glittering with anticipation, she gently takes the lead herself, as the pair make their way up the stairs toward the bedroom, hearts pounding in their chests before the action even really begins. As the two quickly make their way inside and the door slams behind them in their haste, it is best to remind you, dear reader, that it is rude to spy on others behind closed doors. Best leave these two to their privacy, now, shall we?

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