Several days ago, sailors from Canalave City have had reports of a mysterious island appearing in the ocean at twilight and vanishing at dawn. After hearing the rumors, scientists have gone with the sailors to view the island and have visually confirmed it's existance. Originally the scientists planned to explore the island on foot, but powerful currents and the appearance of many strange Pokemon have kept them from actually reaching the island.

Now two scientists plan to venture to the island again. Professor Maria Luna and Doctor Terrae Mensis are planning a second attempt to reach the island, scheduled to depart on Feburary 7th of this year. The are asking strong Pokemon trainers to volunteer assistance in reaching and exploring the island, giving people a chance to be a part of an important discovery.

All trainers interested are to post here. Due to limited space on the ship, there is a limit of only eight trainers who will be allowed to join the expedition. If more than eight participants join, trainers will be chosen at random. It is suggested that your Pokemon be at level 25 or greater for their own safety. All questions regarding this should also be posted in this thread.

The event will take place on the UPNetwork Forums. As such, if you wish to participate, you will need to sign-up there.