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    Default Coins for Prizes

    Ready to spend those hard earned coins of yours? This is the place to do it. Below are lists of the items you may purchase in exchange for the coins you've shed blood, sweat and tears working to collect, so get out your coin bags ladies and gentlemen, and start spending!

    1) Have a nice big bag of coins ready to spend as we do not accept rare candies as payment.
    2) Choose the item/s you wish to purchase.
    3) When posting, please clearly state which item/s you wish to purchase.
    4) When posting, please post a current link to the Coin Exchange to show how many coins you have available to spend as well as the withdrawal of the coins needed for payment.
    5) If purchasing a Pokémon, please inlcude the link to the Pokéball you will be placing it in.
    6) This is very important: DO NOT take your item and use/store/trade it until you have confirmation of your purchase!
    7) Enjoy your prizes!


    [500,000 coins] Ditto
    [400,000 coins] Riolu
    [100,000 coins] Mienfoo

    Technical Machines
    Attack Moves
    [10,000 coins] Explosion, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Self Destruct
    [ 9,500 coins] Fissure, Horn Drill
    [ 9,000 coins] Focus Blast, Focus Punch, Overheat, Sky Attack
    [ 8,500 coins] Blizzard, Fire Blast, Flash Cannon, Frost Breath, Sludge Wave, Solarbeam, Thunder
    [ 8,000 coins] Acrobatics, Double-Edge, Mega Kick, Shadow Claw, Stone Edge, Wild Charge
    [ 7,500 coins] Dynamicpunch, Earthquake, Energy Ball, Grass Knot, Scald, Zap Cannon
    [ 7,000 coins] Dark Pulse, Egg Bomb, Gyro Ball, Iron Tail, Retaliate, Skull Bash, Venoshock
    [ 6,500 coins] Body Slam, Brine, Bulldoze, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Tail, Flamethrower, Frustration, Ice Beam, Mega Punch, Razor Wind, Return, Shadow Ball, Submission, Thunderbolt, Tri Attack, X-Scissor
    [ 6,000 coins] Avalanche, Brick Break, Drain Punch, Dream Eater, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Payback, Poison Jab, Psychic, Rock Slide, Sludge Bomb, Thunderpunch
    [ 5,000 coins] Façade, Flame Charge, Headbutt, Low Sweep, Psyshock, Secret Power, Sky Drop, Smack Down, Snarl, Steel Wing
    [ 4,000 coins] Aerial Ace, Bubblebeam, Charge Beam, Dig, Dragonbreath, Echoed Voice, Giga Drain, Pluck, Round, Seismic Toss, Shockwave, Silver Wind, Water Pulse
    [ 3,500 coins] False Swipe, Hidden Power, Icy Wind, Metronome, Natural Gift, Psywave, Rock Smash, Rock Tomb, Struggle Bug, Swift
    [ 3,000 coins] Dragon Rage, Fling, Mega Drain, Nightmare, Rollout, Snore, Thief, Water Gun
    [ 2,000 coins] Incinerate, Mud Slap, Pay Day, Rage, U-Turn, Volt Switch
    [ 1,000 coins] Bullet Seed, Fury Cutter, Sleep Talk

    Defensive Moves
    [6,000 coins] Counter, Detect, Protect
    [5,000 coins] Curse, Endure, Hone Claws, Light Screen, Reflect, Soft Boiled
    [4,000 coins] Bulk Up, Calm Mind, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock, Substitute, Work Up
    [3,000 coins] Ally Switch, Captivate, Double Team, Safeguard, Swords Dance, Trick Room
    [2,000 coins] Bide, Flash, Mimic, Psych Up, Taunt, Torment
    [1,000 coins] Roar, Teleport, Whirlwind

    Effect Moves
    [5,000 coins] Attract, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp
    [4,000 coins] Rest, Roost, Swagger, Sweet Scent
    [2,500 coins] Embargo, Hail, Rain Dance, Sandstorm, Sunny Day, Telekinesis
    [1,000 coins] Quash, Recycle, Skill Swap, Snatch

    Pokéball Capsules and Seals
    Ball Capsules last a while but you may only use one per Pokémon, whereas Ball Seals are one use only.
    [10,000 coins] Pack of 6 Ball Capsules
    [ 2,000 coins] Individual Ball Capsule
    [ 1,500 coins] Seal Case
    [500 coins each] Heart Seal (A-F) - Gives Heart Effect
    [500 coins each] Star Seal (A-F) - Gives Star Effect
    [500 coins each] Line Seal (A-D) - Gives Line Effect
    [500 coins each] Smoke Seal (A-D) - Gives Smoke Effect
    [500 coins each] Ele-Seal (A-D) - Gives Electric Bolt Effect
    [500 coins each] Foamy Seal (A-D) - Gives Foam Effect
    [500 coins each] Fire Seal (A-D) - Gives Flame Effect
    [500 coins each] Party Seal (A-D) - Gives Party-Popper Effect
    [500 coins each] Flora Seal (A-F) - Gives Flower Effect
    [500 coins each] Song Seal (A-G) - Gives Musical Effect
    [500 coins each] A Seal - Z Seal - Gives Letter Effect (You must also show us the Unown you OWN of the corresponding letter when making this purchase)

    [ 750 coins] Blue Shard
    [ 750 coins] Green Shard
    [ 750 coins] Red Shard
    [ 750 coins] Yellow Shard
    [1,000 coins] Gold Shard
    [1,000 coins] Silver Shard

    Evolution Items
    [ 1,500 coins] Metal Coat
    [ 2,000 coins] King's Rock
    [ 2,000 coins] Oval Stone
    [ 3,000 coins] Deepseascale
    [ 3,000 coins] Deepseatooth
    [ 4,000 coins] Upgrade
    [ 4,000 coins] Dawn Stone
    [ 4,000 coins] Dusk Stone
    [ 4,000 coins] Shiny Stone
    [ 5,000 coins] Razor Claw
    [ 5,000 coins] Razor Fang
    [ 5,000 coins] Dragon Scale
    [ 8,000 coins] Dubious Disc
    [ 8,000 coins] Prism Scale
    [20,000 coins] Frost (Fridge) Card
    [20,000 coins] Wash (Washer) Card
    [20,000 coins] Cut (Lawnmower) Card
    [20,000 coins] Spin (Fan) Card
    [20,000 coins] Heat (Oven) Card
    [30,000 coins] Electrizer
    [30,000 coins] Magmarizer
    [30,000 coins] Protector
    [30,000 coins] Reaper Cloth

    Booster Items
    [ 500 coins] Power Gems (type specific, one use only)
    [1,500 coins] Charcoal
    [1,500 coins] Magnet
    [1,500 coins] Miracle Seed
    [1,500 coins] Soft Sand
    [1,500 coins] Silver Powder
    [1,500 coins] Mystic Water
    [1,500 coins] Nevermeltice
    [1,500 coins] Blackbelt
    [1,500 coins] Silk Scarf
    [1,500 coins] Pink Bow
    [1,500 coins] Polkadot Bow
    [1,500 coins] Sharp Beak
    [1,500 coins] Hard Stone
    [1,500 coins] Spell Tag
    [1,500 coins] Twisted Spoon
    [1,500 coins] Blackglasses
    [1,500 coins] Poison Barb
    [1,500 coins] Dragon Fang
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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    Thunder, Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Reflect, Thunder Wave


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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    empoleon dynamite: TM purchases confirmed.

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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    Why hai thar.

    It's a shopping trip of large proportions today, because I have a huge bag of coins that beg to be spent a bit.

    Firstly, TMs.

    I'd wish to purchase the following TMs to be taught to my Lunatone upon confirmation...

    x1 Stone Edge (8000)
    x1 Earthquake (7500)
    x1 Grass Knot (7500)
    x1 Gyro Ball (7000)
    x1 Ice Beam (6500)
    x1 Tri Attack (6500)
    x1 Shadow Ball (6500)
    x1 Return (6500)
    x1 Rock Slide (6000)
    x1 Secret Power (5000)
    x1 Rock Tomb (3500)
    x1 Light Screen (5000)
    x1 Reflect (5000)
    x1 Calm Mind (4000)
    x1 Safeguard (3000)
    x1 Flash (2000)
    x1 Skill Swap (1000)

    Sub-total: 90500 coins.

    Next, I'll be buying TMs for my Swampert, also to be taught upon confirmation...

    x1 Focus Blast (9000)
    x1 Blizzard (8500)
    x1 Iron Tail (7000)
    x1 Ice Beam (6500)
    x1 Mega Punch (6500)
    x1 Body Slam (6500)
    x1 Brine (6500)
    x1 Bubblebeam (4000)
    x1 Dig (4000)
    x1 Water Pulse (4000)
    x1 Seismic Toss (4000)
    x1 Roar (1000)
    x1 Toxic (5000)

    Sub-total: 72500 Coins.

    Thirdly, buying TMs to be taught upon confirmation for my Golem...

    x1 Giga Impact (10000)
    x1 Fire Blast (8500)
    x1 Mega Kick (8000)
    x1 DynamicPunch (7500)
    x1 Mega Punch (6500)
    x1 Brick Break (6000)
    x1 Curse (5000)
    x1 Stealth Rock (4000)

    Sub-total: 55500 Coins.

    Finally, purchasing a Level 1 Male Eevee for 200,000 coins, and also purchasing the following TMs for him to be taught upon confirmation...

    x1 Iron Tail (7000)
    x1 Shadow Ball (6500)
    x1 Headbutt (5000)
    x1 Facade (5000)
    x1 Sleep Talk (1000)
    x1 Curse (5000)
    x1 Captivate (3000)
    x1 Taunt (2000)
    x1 Rest (4000)
    x1 Attract (5000)

    Sub-total: 43500 Coins.

    Grand total: 462,000 coins.

    I'll like to tag on some extra things on top of those, however...

    x1 Nevermeltice (1500) (to be held by Eevee upon confirmation)
    x1 Mystic Water (1500) (to be held by my Swampert upon confirmation)
    x1 Sharp Beak (1500) (to be held by my Honchkrow upon confirmation)
    x1 Pink Bow (1500) (to be held by my Aipom upon confirmation)
    x1 Silk Scarf (1500) (to be held by my Shadow Zangoose upon confirmation)

    For a total of 469,500 coins.

    I'll put my Eevee in this Poke Ball (6 of 10).

    Coin Payment.

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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    Fishy: Transaction approved

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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    Purchasing these four TMs to be taught to Croagunk upon confirmation:

    TM Ice Punch (6000)
    TM Fire Punch (6000)
    TM Seismic Toss (4000)
    TM Double Team (3000)

    Total: 19,000


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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    handymankg2: TM purchases confirmed.

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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    Purchasing the following TM's which will be taught to upon confirmation:
    - Water Pulse (4,000)
    - Toxic (5,000)
    - Hidden Power (Rock) (3,500)
    - Ice Beam (6,500)
    - Protect (6,000)
    - Safeguard (3,000)
    - Iron Tail (7,000)
    - Thunderbolt (6,500)
    - Return (6,500)
    - Flamethrower (6,500)
    - Secret Power (5,000)
    - Rest (4,000)
    - Endure (5,000)
    - Dragon Pulse (6,500)
    - Sleep Talk (1,000)
    - Swagger (4,000)
    - Substitute (4,000)
    Total: 84,000 coins
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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    Purchasing the following TMs for Bellatrix the Vespiquen to be taught on confirmation.

    Hyper Beam, Giga Impact = 10,000 coins
    Frustration, Return, X-Scissor = 6,500 coins
    Sludge Bomb = 6,000 coins
    Secret Power, Façade = 5,000 coins
    Silver Wind = 4,000 coins
    Hidden Power (Ice), Swift, Natural Gift = 3,500 coins
    Snore, Thief, Fling = 3,000 coins
    U-Turn = 2,000 coins
    Sleep Talk = 1,000 coins

    Defensive Moves
    Protect = 6,000 coins
    Endure = 5,000 coins
    Substitute= 4,000 coins
    Double Team= 3,000 coins
    Flash = 2,000 coins

    Effect Moves
    Attract = 5,000 coins
    Rest, Roost = 4,000 coins
    Rain Dance, Sunny Day = 2,500 coins

    Total: 120,000

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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    Mewsic: You have Hidden Power listed, but haven't stated which type you're purchasing.

    handymankg2: You've also not stated which type of Hidden Power you're purchasing. I've also worked the total out to be 123,000 coins as opposed to the 112,000 you've paid.

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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    Added what hidden power it is, removed three of the TMs I left on there by accident when I was chosing what ones I wanted, and adjusted the price accordingly. When I messed up I'm not certain. >_>

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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    handymankg2: TM purchases confirmed.
    Mewsic Box: TM purchases confirmed.
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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    Purchasing an awesome new Rotom, along with a Frost Card.

    Payment: 270,000 Coins

    EDIT: I thought I'd forgotten something. Pokeball [2/5]
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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    handymankg2: Lv. 01 Rotom and Frost Card Purchases confirmed
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    Default Re: Coins for Prizes

    Purchasing the following TM's to be taught to upon confirmation - Payment of 190,000 coins
    Aerial Ace	4000
    Brick Break	6000
    Bulk Up	4000
    Bullet Seed	1000
    Dark Pulse	7000
    Detect	6000
    Double Team	3000
    Dragon Claw	6500
    Dragon Pulse	6500
    Dragonbreath	4000
    Dynamicpunch	7500
    Earthquake	7500
    False Swipe	3500
    Fire Punch	6000
    Fissure	9500
    Fury Cutter	1000
    Horn Drill	9500
    Ice Punch	6000
    Iron Tail	7000
    Mega Kick	8000
    Rage	2000
    Roar	1000
    Rock Slide	6000
    Rock Tomb	3500
    Shockwave	4000
    Solarbeam	8500
    Stealth Rock	4000
    Stone Edge	8000
    Submission	6500
    Substitute	4000
    Swords Dance	3000
    Taunt	2000
    Teleport	1000
    Thief	3000
    Thunderbolt	6500
    Thunderpunch	6000
    Zap Cannon	7500
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