Are the writers cheap these days?w

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Thread: Are the writers cheap these days?w

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    Default Are the writers cheap these days?w

    Recently there are things that I notice in the show and is that thge show appears to be too cheap these days. There are hints that IF am true with this statement.

    Apart of thge overuse of stock animaton, that we know. Even TR mottos are sdtocked now and sometimes there are the blast off.
    Not using music from past sagas even when we are in Season 2 right now. They are stilll only usinbg music from the Best Wishes series wth vcery few exceptions.
    In the past episode, Dogasu pointed out that the Ash and Iris split up episode with less music of the history. And IF wastched half of it and there are no music in many parts of this episode.

    The existence of DA and the lack of battles since the league is a clear hint that the show is being lazy.The fct that charizard hasn't got a big battle yet screams it. And the biggest battle wth Charizard I see happening with Clair.

    The lack of appeareances by the gangs' pokemon since season 2 started. Since the league ended, I only see with good screentime pikachu, axew and Oshawott. The rest of thge main team of ash and Iris' Dragonite are acceptasble. Thecresdt of thge pokemon has been dissappeared (Excadrill and Krookodile are a bit better)

    The lack of changes is very noticeable. It's possible that thgeyo it for not animating neww moves for the pokemon.

    We know about how crap the Junior Cup and specially the league are by the older fans. I think that this is case:d because the writers don't want to spend too much money in league battles.

    Do yoiu notice this? Do you enjoynthe show even with this lazy work?

    And @FANG-TAN, I'm referring at all the staff?
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    I want to start with XY as soon as is possible.

    I have unpopular opinions: I prefer an older character returning but it isn't from the original trio. I was one of the few who liked both DP and BW. And I think that TR shouldn't leave in the anime.

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    Default Re: Are the writers cheap these days?w

    The writers are in no way in charge of the music or animation. They simply write the story.


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    Default Re: Are the writers cheap these days?w

    Quote Originally Posted by Nymphia View Post
    And @FANG-TAN, I'm referring at all the staff?
    Then why do you only refer to the writers throughout your post, calling them out as "cheap" in the thread title, when they have nothing to do with just about anything you've mentioned?

    Locking. If you want to start another thread discussing animation short-cuts in the anime, then feel free to, but please do so in a way that avoids putting such a negative slant upon the staff themselves.


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