What can we expect from certain staff?

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Thread: What can we expect from certain staff?

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    Default What can we expect from certain staff?

    An interesting point that I saw in the BW90 thread was that the episode had Junki Takegami doing screenplay, who is notorious for writing poorly received battles. So, what do you think we can expect from certain staff in a writing and animating sense? Are certain ones better at story or plot compared to battles? Better at drawing humans compared to Pokémon? etc.

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    Default Re: What can we expect from certain staff?

    I'm only doing a select few writers and animators since their works are the only ones that are distinctive to me compared to the others:

    Junki Takegami- I expect good Rocket episodes (Guardie and Kojirou, Rocket-dan Breakup!?!), zany characters/situations (hello Cabernet and Dream Thief), yet abysmal battles.

    Atsuhiro Tomioka- I expect a really good episode from him since he's the series constructor. He's my favorite writer and hasn't disappointed me in his episodes yet.

    Shōji Yonemura- His writing is more realistic and ambient compared to the other writers.

    Yukiyoshi Ōhashi- He's my least favorite writer since he doesn't know how to tie up loose ends satisfactorily. I mean, he had the Rocket-dan cop out in the Kami two-parter so embarrassingly it was hilarious. I think he works better with fillers and not important episode like those.

    Masaaki Iwane- I love his fluid animation and how he shades the characters' bodies.

    Akihiro Tamagawa- He's my favorite since I love his crisp character designs. I especially love he way he draws everyone's hair and eyes.

    Tomohiro Koyama- He tends to draw everyone's eyes larger than usual. Compare Cabernet's eyes in BW19 to her eyes in her later appearances.

    Tatsuya Annoura/Kunihiko Natsume- Both of them tend to be weaker "versions" of Iwane, IMO.


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