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Thread: Ways the anime could fix the banned episodes

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    Default Re: Ways the anime could fix the banned episodes

    Well the porygon episode could easily be fixed by making the lights not give you seizures.
    The episode "Shaking Island Battle! Barboach VS Whiscash!" can probably be aired as is since it was only banned because of an earthquake.
    The ice cave has already been edited to make jynx purple and aired.
    TR vs TP I don't want to get into it now but it could prob be aired as it.
    Episode 35 The Legend of Dratini was banned because of the use of guns in the episode. . .
    I think it wouldn't be a problem to air it now in 2013.
    That's all of the banned episodes

    I've been a fan since gen 1 when things were simple and EVs didn't exist but I still think the newer games are awesome.

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    Default Re: Ways the anime could fix the banned episodes

    -I don't think that shaking island episode won't air, mostly due to the fact that it's too late for that.
    -I also agree with the Color Ajustment on the Porygon episode, but since it was such a dark time in the franchise's history to the point that they have scrubbed every existance of the episode on thier website. I don't think it will air inside japan either.
    - For the Ice Cave, they would probably do the same thing they did with the christmas episode in terms of jynx.
    -The Dratini episode would have never been able to air either way unless some hardcore editing was done. Ie Changed the guns to something else.
    -And The original version of TP/TR show would probably not see the light of day, just like the shaking island episode.

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