As you may be aware, Team Rocket's mottos tend to be over-dramatic and over-the-top. As such, there is a handful of sound effects used during the motto in order to increase the impact of the motto.
What I would like to ask you is if it is possible to download those sound effects (royalty free, please, I'd like to keep everything "legal") or, if impossible to find, at least I would like to be aware of the NAME of the sound effects, please.

I'm particularly looking for 3 sound effects (you can listen to every single one of them here - Lema Team Rocket de Unova - Vídeo Dailymotion ): the one which appears when they appear in the beginning, related to their jump/fall; the one that appears each time their faces appears in the second part of the motto, as if some kind of teleport was happening; the last one, when the R is complete, kind of like something shining so brightly that it dazzles the crowd.

I hope I was clear enough.