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    When ever certain characters battle Ash, I notice how some of them try to mess things up for him so that they could win. This happened with the battle with Ash and May, the citizens of North Petalburg rigged the battle so that May could win. However, there was an error in the episode claiming that May won when actually, the battle was a tie since neither Pokémon fainted or ran away. Can that be a sign of laziness as the citizens played dirty and relied on cheating for May to win?

    One thing I would like to point out is that when Ash battled Cheren and Cameron, the two Trainers battled fairly even though they won against Ash.

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    The ugly head of plot shows itself many times in the show. That episode where May "beats" Ash was one of my least favorites because I hated seeing Ash being the item of hate for an ENTIRE city. Kind of like how I was pissed watching DBZ when the people watching the Cell Games had nothing but hate for the Z-Fighters because they wanted Hercule to win :p

    The only reason Ash "lost" was because that asshole woman claimed that since Ash was no longer able to he got hit square on with a surprisingly big/powerful Ember from Torchic which is technically breaking the rules of battle in where the Pokemon are supposed to hit the opposing Pokemon not the trainer...

    But I will say that episode was pretty funny episode when that reporter said; "Who the Pokemon are you?!" to Team Rocket disguised as Norman and his wife. Not to mention seeing Ash kick every trainer in the city's ass!! Favorite part was Pikachu taking out 6 Pokemon in one hit! Of course they all sent out another batch of Pokemon but still it was pretty impressive! Reminded me of the video games and how you as one trainer has to battle numerous trainers in one location.

    Its a shame but also an indication of how much stronger than May that Ash is. Think about it; ALL of his Pokemon were exhausted except for the unused Tallow. He was actually going to win but every time he was about to give a command of if Torchic got hit the crowd would yell, boo and be a bunch of assholes distracting him from the battle. Last time I checked a battle is supposed to be about knocking out the opponent...

    Not to mention that May was pretty well recognized for her "talent" haha who am I kidding she was riding the coattails of her dad being Norman a popular gym leader.

    That seemed to be a recurring theme in the AG series particularly in Hoenn where if May was competing in a contest and happened to run into a group[ of Contest fans then they would flock to her like sheep while ignoring Ash.

    One thing I would have LOVED to see was either Ash vs. Norman televised for the people in the city who were dicks to Ash saw the match and Ash beating him or they somehow found out about it through the grapevine! Of course for Ash's sake I would not have set foot in that city again at risk of being killed. Bring in the Charizard folks or his DBZ-like Infernape for a little visit!!!

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    I wouldn't really call it laziness, they basically just called May the winner because they had too much love for her to even imagine her losing.

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    I still think neither Trainer won that battle because of what the crowd was actually doing. However, @Paulisthebest and @Skuntank, you did provide good points there.
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    Default Re: Signs of Laziness

    @pattyman; Could I ask you to be a little clearer about what you're actually asking in this thread? Is it meant to be about battles that played out unfairly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by garrison-san View Post
    @pattyman; Could I ask you to be a little clearer about what you're actually asking in this thread? Is it meant to be about battles that played out unfairly?
    Correct. This thread is also about the Trainers who claimed to be strong were actually lying (except for the ones who played right).
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