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    What's the whole point of one of the running gags involving Ash getting bumped into by a rival (or two; Barry and Bianca) everytime they move very quickly? When that happens, Barry would get upset at Ash for going to fast when in fact they were moving at the right pace. Whereas Bianca apologizes to Ash. Yet, the running speed signals Barry's arrival and the body of water signals Bianca's arrival everytime. Iris's Emolga going to a tree to get an apple is a good running gag if it happens everytime.

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    The point of the running gags is generally to give kids something to laugh about and possibly break any tension in the show with some comedy relief. The differences between how Barry and Bianca respond to the gag shows reflects their different personalities. Barry is more impulsive and impatient, so getting upset at Ash instead of thinking that he was part of the problem made sense. Same with Bianca as, despite being ditzy as can be, she can still recognize when she was at fault. Personally, I never really cared for Barry's running gags, but his gags were far more tolerable than any of the running gags associated with Bianca. At least I could kind of take Barry seriously at time, where I'm really struggling to take Bianca seriously, even with all of her progression in the series. Plus, I could kind of get a laugh at Barry with his running gag and personality, while Bianca comes off more annoying with her running gags.


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