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Thread: Pros and Cons of BW

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    Default Pros and Cons of BW

    Part of me has a gut feeling that this thread will be locked, but on the off chance it won't, I have compiled a list of pros and cons that i personally have for Black and White:


    1. The New Pokemon: I like the way many of these new Unova pokemon are designed, nuff said.
    2. The Animation: Not much else i can say except wow
    3. TR's change in character: This actually make the organization seem like a legitimate threat, and it does somehow seem interesting to finally see the TRio actually be noticed by their Boss. At least now it makes sense where they're getting all of their weapons and gadgets.


    1. Ash's regression: the only time we actually saw Ash as a novice was in the first two seasons of the show (and even then, in my opinion, i thought that was a little unfair to make every other trainer superior to him in someway), after that (from Johto onward), Ash actually did seem to dwarf certain other trainers in skill and did give the impression that he knew what he was doing. As you may recall, in one DP episode, Brock actually called Ash a "Genius when it comes to Gym Battles". But now, they've make it seem like he just got his first Pokemon and that seems a little annoying.
    2. Trip: Paul was already pretty hard to deal with and Gary wasn't any easier either. But Trip, I just can't help but want to see the look on his face when he found out that Ash was once offered a chance to be a Battle Frontier brain (A rank that seems almost on par with being a Gym Leader).
    3. TR's change in character: This is also a con as well, since it felt a bit too sudden. I actually liked it when Ash and co. defeated them with relative ease and regarded them as more of a nuisance than an actual threat. Now, it really seems like Ash and co. could really lose to them.
    4. Iris' attitude: This is the worst of them all, mainly because there are at least three other qualities about this character that i could like: she's a wild child, she's acrobatic and she likes dragons. But that "What a Little Kid" attitude of hers just ruins all of that and makes me just not like her, partly because she's reminded me just how mean Misty use to be. They even roped Dawn into that habit.

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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW

    For good aspects, the animation is pretty good for a Pokemon series, I do like how Team Rocket is more recognized by their boss, but they feel like entirely different characters now, there's also the fact that they're trying new things rather than the same cliche plot formula that went on for the past 4 generations.

    Unfortunately, in Best Wishes, the bad aspects outnumber the good, for one thing is the lack of Team Plasma in the series, which has caused me to coin the term "Plasma Embargo" since their first and only appearance was cancelled, and they have never showed them again.

    And then we have Ash's regression, it's like they completely stripped him of his entire character from Sinnoh, and basically reset him to how he acted and trained in Kanto during the first season, there's this weird theory I have that when Best Wishes was first being made, they wanted a new main character, but executive meddling told them that Ash had to be the main character, thus this being the reason why Ash acts the way he does in BW.

    Then there's Trip, I have so many problems with this character, he's a jerk, he's overpowered, and every appearance after the third gym or so had him being shown with only one Pokemon, his Serperior, to the point where it's the only Pokemon you ever see of his, like he has no other Pokemon on his team or he abandoned them all.

    But the BIGGEST Problem I have with the series is Iris, in the games, I respect her as being the champion of Unova, in the anime, I barely have any respect for her character at all. One thing is her attitide, I wish to pull my hair out whenever I hear her say "What a kid", and the other main problem is that in the later episodes she gets more focus than Ash does, like Ash has basically been put on to the side to make room for her.

    Honestly, in my opinion, Best Wishes is a major regression from DP.
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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW

    Pros-ash gets a rock type.
    Cons- everything else.

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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW

    Pros: side charter geting more screen time. Team Rocket. Ash's team. Iris. Clian. Binanca Spehen Georgia and Cabent. some enjoyable episodes. Charter devopment. Dub later on. Iris' backstory. Music. Animition and Melotta plot line. The Kami trio plot line

    Cons: Trip. Junior world cup. Trip. Ash being dumb. trip. Zekrom plot line. Trip fan girls. Dawn not doing anything in her cameo. Trip. No Reshiram. No Kurum.

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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW

    - The animation has gotten a huge face lift. Sometimes it borderlines on movie quality.
    - Cilan, 'nough said.
    - Ash actually catching more then five new Pokemon this region, and actually swapping around and using all of them.
    - Most of the new reoccurring rivals are enjoyable, such as Bianca, Langley, Stephan and Cabernet.
    - Cilan, 'nough said.
    - New antagonists besides Team Rocket. It's nice to see not every other person or Pokemon in the world are pure hearted or just misunderstood.
    - Have I mentioned Cilan yet?
    - Cause, you know, if I had mentioned Cilan I would had known about it. I mean he makes up for Brock spending two regions being either generic or hormonally repressed.... just saying.

    - Ash's regression. It's bizarre to see the guy who just came from the Sinnoh League after beating a Darkrai and Latios getting crushed by a rookie. His inability to train his team, teach them new moves, and make them evolve is shown through his constant stream of losses and many of his victories are due to dumb-luck DEM power-boost moments. It also doesn't help that he's become much flatter in personality, acting immature at the worst times (ex: Elesa gym battle) and acting too mature when there could had been potential for good conflict (ex: Meowth's betrayal). Anything I used to like about this kid is gone now, and I won't mind if he's completely written off the show after this region.
    - Poorly done tournaments. Consists of boring one-on-one battles that give the Pokemon little room to develop and show off their talents. Many of the great rivals often take small, backseat roles so that the writer's character of choice gets top billing, and even with them being one-on-one, many battles are cut short. Even the supposed World Tournament was depressingly short and forgettable.
    - Iris. I don't think we've had a major lady character in this series I've disliked as much as Iris. Besides the fact I always felt she was a poorly designed character, even in the games, the anime made her outright unlikeable in my eyes. Her obnoxious arrogance and frequent shouts of "KODOMO NEEEEE!!" were bad enough, but the writers seem to favor her heavily, as shown in the first Don tournament where her victories were handed to her on a silver platter. The writers often try to say she's troubled and trying to work hard, but we've barely seen anything like that. It got even worse when she caught a freaking Dragonite, and did better with it then some trainers who have raised their Pokemon for eons. It's not even like Paul where the writers just made him god-powered, Iris is just god-hand-fed.
    - Team Rocket. At first I was impressed by what potential they were building up to with them, making them a legit threat, showing that they have bigger plans then just "kidnapping Pikachu".... but they went nowhere with it. When they're not squatting down staring at monitors, they're doing overblown plans to catch certain Pokemon that's resolved within a few minutes. It doesn't help that their personalities have regressed too, just being scowly and smug witho0ut any of the loveable quirkiness they had from the last four regions. Some might argue Team Rocket were getting obnoxious in later regions, but they were a lot better there then this region. They used to be my favorite characters, but nowadays I wish they'd go away forever and jump into a pile of fire, barbed wire and 50-Cent CDs.
    - Trip. They just did horribly with what was supposed to be Ash's main rival. While it is different for Ash to have a rivalry with someone who just started their journey, it creates far too many frustrations with the character. He was way too powerful for no good reason, at least against Ash, who was supposed to be a heavily experienced trainer, for no good reason other then to force in a contrived "underdog rivalry". Any potential for him to develop in tournaments is wasted due to him unusually losing too early. As for his personality, it's just as bland as the rivalry. He's one of those typical "I'm a scowling loner tough guy who responds to battle results by closing my eyes, turning around and walking off" types that you'll never see an actual 10 year old kid be like. His background about wanting to battle Adler is very lazy motivation for his character, and his potentially interesting xenophobia against Kanto is brushed aside with no real context towards it. He exists for no reason other then to give Ash a new Gary/Paul, and offers virtually nothing as a character.
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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW

    - Iris and Cilan being great traveling companions. Even though May previously was my favorite traveling companion for Ash, I have to say that both Cilan and Iris definitely beats her, they're just so much more entertaining, and their personalities feel so unique.
    - Iris. I'd say I love everything about her, definitely. Even though her design wasn't that appealing to me at first, I still love everything else about her. Her Pokémon, her determination, her childish remarks, her love for Dragon-types, her cocky attitude, her backstory etc. Of all characters that I've seen, she's the one I'm able to relate with the most. Certainly my favorite female protagonist as of yet, but who knows, maybe any future girls will be even better?
    - Cilan... Best. Male. Companion. Ever. If it wouldn't be for the fact that his ''Tasting Times'' completely destroy most battles he enters, Cilan would be perfect.
    - Great rivals. Even though most of the rivalries aren't that good, the rivals in this series are all amazing, and while Trip and Stephan are kinda boring I still love all of the others. Bianca, Georgia, Burgundy, Kotetsu... Yeah, all of them are great.
    - TR. Yeah, it might be surprising, but I definitely prefer them in BW than in any other series. It's not like that I'm super impressed by what they're doing, it's just that I think they're much more tolerable now as they rarily appear these days. The bottom was reached as they appeared in DP and took up about 5-10 minutes of every damn episode, and the episodes got dull extremely fast. Even though I do indeed miss their personalities, I still don't want them to go back to their old selves, at least not if it means that they'll appear in every episode again like before.
    - Lack of awful training episodes. Yeah, I hated those kind of episodes back in DP, as it quickly got awfully bland and boring, and everything just got so repetitive. I'm so glad that BW has managed to combine both training episodes with actual plot episodes. I'd any day take a filler over a boring training episode, as fillers at least usually are able to entertain me while training episodes only bore me to tears. I'm not watching to see them train and grow, I'm watching because I'm expecting them to entertain me.
    - Ash's Pokémon. Scraggy, Oshawott, Snivy, Pignite, Krookodile... Most of them all have great personalities, which is something that I've missed so bad. DP brought forward Infernape, Gible and Gliscor who all were amazing characters that really impressed me with their personalities, but all of the others? Bleh. AG had Corphish, Sceptile and Torkoal, but Swellow and Glalie was kinda meh. With lots of the BW Pokémon having great personalites I'm really pleased. Even all of Iris' Pokémon have great personalites too, but Cilan's Crustle and Pansage are kinda meh.
    - All of the tournaments. I know lots of people here at Bulba really don't like the tournaments, but I love all of them. In my eyes, all of them have shown great battles, as well as lots of hilarious interactions between all of the rivals. They're all great, and I really like all of them.

    Ugh, I could go on forever, so I'll just stop right here. Best Wishes is a fantastic series in my eyes, and most things about it I love.

    - Trip. A really awful rival, unfortunately.
    - The handling of Burgundy. Shame that the writers really don't seem to give a shit about her, since I really, really like her as a character.
    - Dawn's awful cameo. I don't even get why they brought her back, it all felt so pointless, even though she was sort of entertaining in the first couple of episodes.
    - Battles being rushed. I usually love the battles here, but I hate the fact that lots of them are really rushed. That's a real shame.

    I don't think I have that much more when it comes to cons. Oh well.
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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW

    The best animation the Show has yet to have.
    Team Rocket acting like actual villains after so long
    Ash having a large, robust team
    Battles can be pretty awesome
    Bel, Stephan, Burgundy and Langley
    Some fun Gym Leaders
    More show exclusives villains. They're no Hunter J and are one shots, but it's still very nice to have antagony caused by people who aren't from the organizations, ya know?
    Episode N
    Operation Tempest
    No Legendary left behind

    It all (more or less) went to crap after the Earthquake. Without Team Plasma, the show practically devolved into Johto 2.0 with lame fillers, an overwhelming lack of plotlines, and characters being nigh-useless (I'm looking at you, TR).

    Ash being a complete & total idiot this time around. Hell, he wasn't even this insufferable in Kanto!

    Trip is the worst rival ever. Beating Ash every time is negated by being beaten by everyone else. How am I supposed to be in impressed by a guy who gets defeated in the first round of almost every tourny he's been in? (and his wins in the Junior Cup were just Taurosshit)

    The worst Satoshi-tachi EVER. Iris is annoying & gets freebies handed to her on a silver platter by Arceus himself while Cilan just annoys the living fuck out of me (Shut up, SHUT UP, SHUUUHHT UUHHHP!!! . Which leads us to...

    Having stupid running gags crammed down our *bleep* throats!

    The problem with Ash having so many pokes in his roster? Some of them are woefully underdeveloped, both in moves & personality.

    Cameron and Kotetsu. One is boringly infallible & never even got a full battle while the other despicably stupid

    Worst. Battles. Ever. No really, if you to make a "Worst Battles" list, a bunch of them would come from this saga. Like I said in the "Pros" section, they CAN be cool, but a lot of the time they so aren't. Ridiculously short with deus ex machinas, cheap shots, and type advantages/disadvantages being thrown out the window...of the top floor...of the World's Tallest Building.
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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW


    Shiny new animation
    less waiting between gyms
    Less team rocket
    Ash catching cool pokemon (Palpitoad Krookodile and Boldore)

    Boring rivals that are just bad jokes
    Iris being a pompous bitch and not getting any laser guided karma for her pompous attitude (when Ash was a cocky dick in season one his life quickly became hell)
    battles that completely lack momentum thanks to reused and completely unnessary close ups
    Trip being over powered
    Iris randomly getting power ups
    Cynthia doing nothing
    Plotholes ahoy
    A complete and utter lack of badassery I thought pokemon was supposed to be a shonen anime with some cute stuff mixed in. I have a hard time seeing any trainer as badass or the battles.
    The 8th and 4th gym battles
    Shafting of Palpitoad and Boldore in favor of Scaggy which still doesn't know a dark move.
    Lack of non one on one and non two v two battles
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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW

    Something I've discovered that I really, really like about BW:

    The Characters of the day. Seriously, they're such a memorable and fun bunch of Pokemon and people that are usually memorable for me. For example, Maya from the Chillacino VS. Tsutarja episode as well as the other two members of her clique, Charles a.k.a Accelgor Man, Pinot Noir, Akkie, Bakkie, Chakkie, Koharu and Gothimu, Ducklett trio, Litwick and Lampent, Professor Icarus(Okay, he's not super memorable, I admit.), Leon and Beheeyem, Bianca's Daddy, Larry, Shamus, you get the picture. I think the thing that makes them more interesting than past COTD is the different designs given to them and the non-generic-kid-of-the-day personalities. It's a good thing, though I think this also has to do with TR not appearing every episode anymore. In particular it seems like the designers went out of their way to make varied characters for the Don Tournaments compared to participates in say, the Whirl Cup.

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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW

    I think I may have made blog about the pros and cons but that was a while back when BW was relatively new. Erm, let's see.

    Beautiful animation
    No more contests
    Cilan and Iris get rivals as well as Ash
    Better starters than DP
    Faster paced
    Ash has become much less serious and the humor has returned to the show

    TR changing their personality
    Ash capturing and rotating Pokemon

    That's pretty much the only thing that I can fault about BW.

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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW

    • The animation is really great, though, I do miss DP's occasional derpiness.
    • I enjoy Iris's role on the show, and Cilan can be a fun character.
    • Ash is really fun this time around. He actually feels like a real kid, more than he did in any other saga.
    • I love how Ash actually captures more than 6 Pokemon. it adds variety, makes his team unpredictable, and we get a lot of interesting Pokemon.
    • The saga doesn't drag on forever and ever.
    • The rivals are, for the most part, unique and fun to watch.
    • The TRio's change made them fresh and exciting. I really got tired of them dragging episodes down with their formulaic actions.
    • Team Rocket's story has been the best evil team story arc yet.

    • Aside from the small gaps between Gyms, the saga's been going by too quick. It really needs time to stop and work on all the ideas it's been introducing.
    • Trip. I don't think he's that bad, but because he's been screwed over screentime-wise, so he and his team seem don't get the attention they deserve.
    • The overuse of some Pokemon: Ash's Pignite, Oshawott, and Pikachu; Iris's Excadrill; Cilan's Pansage; Trip's Serperior. They're great and all, but I want to see other Pokemon shine.
    • Ash becoming more dense during battles. I know they need someone to be the fresh newbie this saga, and Iris and Cilan are already seasoned experts, but why does Ash have to be the one who gets dumbed down?
    • Most of the TRio's stories: when they're not stealing generic Pokemon, they spend episodes forshadowing their next big scheme. Unfortunately, aside from the first and last two-parters, their plans are nothing special or extremely dull. It's a waste of their potential.
    • I'm glad the TRio don't appear every ep, but their teams have gotten little to no focus.
    • The overuse of certain running gags. This was most obvious in the Club Battle arc. Oshawott, I've been seeing your romance gag for 14+ years already.
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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW

    - Great group chemistry. Iris and Dent are just full of personality and have been great additions to the show. Their contrasting personalities and quirks make the BW group one of the most lively we've had in a long time.
    - Entertaining rivals. Cabernet is psychotic, petty and just all around fun. Langley is a snarky hypocrite and sore loser who excels at yanking people's chains. Bianca's ditzy clueless exterior hides a streak of badassery. These girls just make any episode they appear in.
    - Art/Animation. While I don't think all the stylistic changes brought in for BW are for the better, a lot of areas have really improved. Backgrounds especially are more vibrant and detailed than ever before.
    - Humour. BW is chock full of fun fillers, the writers are really experimenting with different ways of bringing humour into the show beyond the TRio, which I think will benefit the series in the long run.
    - Tone. Best Wishes is more light-hearted and whimsical than previous series. Some people don't like that, but personally I think Pokemon is at its best when it isn't trying too hard to be serious.

    - Poorly written battles. DEMS, One hit knockouts and type advantage fuckery galore. Easily the weakest part of the series.
    - Stock footage and CGI. A personal pet peeve, I think the overuse of stock footage is at least partially responsible for the lackluster battles this series. The CGI is just plain ugly.
    - Treatment of rivals. Trip could have been a good character, but he was taken in the most predictable and boring route possible, and there's just no tension between him and Ash. Their rivalry just has no stakes whatsoever. Cabernet and Langley have been reduced to mere punching bags.
    - Screen-time imbalance. A large rotating team was a bold move by the writers, but being such a short series it hasn't worked in BW's favour. It's nice having such a variety of Pokemon on the cast, but when certain 'mons are hogging screentime as it is, there isn't much room to flesh many of them out.
    - Character development. Iris' development for the most part was erratic and simply not well written. Dent still hasn't developed at all.
    - Team Rocket. I'm not a fan of their new serious personas, and they have been a chore to watch at the best of times.

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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW

    Best Wishes is either hit or complete miss for you, depending on what you consider to be innovative, out of box writing and what ultimately bad writing taken from some low tier fanfic scenery.
    And as of right now i have mixed feelings about it liking and disliking Unova series so far.

    What i can say is that writers definitely tried to change several things with Unova series, breaking past patterns. Whether those changes were for better or worse is up to debate though.

    Good points about BW:
    -i liked introduction of Don George tournament allowing that all main characters remain active, and have outlets through which they can improve not being reserved only on Ash.

    -i liked TR change becoming more competent villains being given actual purpose, instead of serving as punching bags blasting of in every episode

    -rivals were all in all step forward from rivals we had in DP which lacked clash, tension and emotion. Notable exceptions being Paul, Ursula and Zoey.

    -even though all pokemon aren't properly treated having inconsistencies in development because of this, i actually found it was refreshing that Ash started to rotate pokemon for change. It definitely gives him variety to choose from and is quality of skilled and strategic trainers, if Gary and Paul examples were anything to go by. Not to mention its more interesting to see more than 6 pokemon being used over course of series, instead of sticking with same static team for 200+ episodes.

    -Iris and Cilan as characters are interesting and refreshing. I like Iris jungle girl aspect and hyper side adding some dynamic to cast and Cilan is well rounded character liking his arrogance and tendency to tease along with showing his caring side and admiration for Ash strategy with many interests like love for fishing, trains, science etc adding extra flavour to cast interacting well with Ash.

    When it comes to chemistry it may not be best dynamic we had out of all groups(imo anyway), but it definitely does its job at entertaining me.

    Bad points about BW:
    -character development is inconsistent, poorly executed and unbelievable more often than not. On one hand we have Iris who gets barely any growth for first 50 episodes just to out of blue start receiving big amount of focus catching Dragonite out of nowhere, Axew learning moves like giga impact without any build up, issues around character being resolved through intermediate from others etc.
    I felt she had lot of potential and insights into her past and issues, addition of rivals like Langley etc was welcomed addition, but im disappointed with way her growth has been executed.

    Although ill admit she became more relatable lately with sad background and showing signs of vulnerability when not being able to deal with Dragonite disobedience. But that's far from enough to make me satisfied.

    Or Cilan who isn't build up for anything, with his connoisseur goal and rivalry with Burgundy being treated more like joke, than actual story at this point. You can argue how his purp9ose is just to give comedy and entertainment value but that can only get you so far, because if character doesn't eventually develop and grow as person, trainer he is prone to become stale.

    Trip who over night becomes powerful trainer with Serperior dominating everything in Junior Cup, regardless of losing fairly often prior to that with his pokemon and character never showing to be something outstanding to warrant such shift in skill, being badly written. Not to mention they start portraying him as threat, just to lose in first round of Unova league?

    Yep, definitely makes sense.

    -continuity is almost nonexistent with references to past, previous characters and sagas being kept to minimum. Its like BW are treated like alternate series set in different universe with previous traveling companions like Misty, May, Max etc being treated like they never existed or mattered,.

    - All previous growth Ash gone through in OS, AG and DP has been on good part flushed down the toilet being regressed to weird mix of immature, impulsive and at times that same mature, competent trainer we followed through AG.

    -Ignoring Team Plasma storyline was huge cop out which damaged Unova series a lot more than someone would expect it depriving it of important plot which would actually lead this show somewhere adding substance to it. I felt presence of real villains like Hunter J and Team Galactic really helped DP series a lot having because of that story filled with higher quality spread across the region.

    Quote Originally Posted by SammyW27 View Post
    It all went to crap after the Earthquake. Without Team Plasma, the show practically devolved into Johto 2.0 with lame fillers, an overwhelming lack of plotlines, and characters being nigh-useless (I'm looking at you, TR).
    I actually think Johto was better written even with all fillers. At least Ash wasn't regressed gradually growing, there was sense of continuity present into anime feeling like sequel than some bizarre attempt of making alternate reset with BW and in comparison supporting cast like Misty showed struggles and vulnerable sides about her having more believable growth than Iris working hard for any pokemon or achievement. At least imo.

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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW

    BW has this weird thing where so many things happen offscreen, and that's really really strange. DP went overboard with the training episodes which got incredibly boring I'll admit, but BW doesn't go far enough. Iris has suffered the most with this I think. With a big deal of her "training" happening off screen, stuff like Axew learning Giga Impact and Draco Meteor, Emolga being obedient now, the general shift of her attitude towards battling, and you combine this with Dragon types being hard to train but all of it happening off're left with a choppy inconsistent mess of a character you have to infer so many things about her Pokemon and her training style. And I like Iris, I really do, but I just have a feeling if BW wasn't so "WE DO THE MAJORITY OF OUR TRAINING OFF SCREEN!" and more training heavy like DP, her portrayal would be 1000 times more clearer.

    This goes for Ash as well. It's not as bad as Iris, but we're just told "his Pokemon train hard" without really seeing, so it's really hard to be emotionally invested because I haven't really seen with my own two eyes the hard work, I'm just TOLD. I just wish they could maintain balance of fun BW style episodes and combined them with the training regime like DP, I'd care more.

    The battles in this series are just plain awful for the most part. I don't know if kids found DP's battle boring and just like really basic stock animation filled battles, but I'm not a fan of the the majority of these rushed boring battles.

    Now for some pros:

    -I like Cilan

    -Iris is a good idea for a character on paper, and if she was in a battle/training heavy series like DP or AG, I'm sure she'd shine more positively because we'd actually SEE her work hard constantly.

    -I enjoy a lot of the character designs

    -Ash rotating Pokemon? Good idea, again, on paper.

    -The Club Battle/Don Battle tournaments, good ideas to show off rivals on paper.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dogasu View Post
    A lot of people point out that Pikachu beat Regice and is therefore super powerful, but I tend to ignore that because it was such a bullshit victory. That wasn't a showcase of how powerful Pikachu had become; it was simply terrible, terrible writing.

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    Default Re: Pros and Cons of BW

    1. Zekrom showed up.
    2. Sunglasses Krookodile.
    3. Cilan.
    4. Fast pace.
    5. Sunglasses Krookodile.
    6. New TR.

    1. Ash's regression.
    2. No Kyurem or Reshiram.
    3. Giovanni capturing Meleotta.
    4. No Team Plasma.
    5. Iris.
    6. Dawn.
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    ALL Pokémon Are EQUAL, But SOME Pokémon Are MORE EQUAL Than Others

    Oceania is at war with Eurasia Eastasia Eurasia Eastasia, and has always been at war with them!


    Next PolySci/Econ Test: November 8, 2016; Your crash-course will begin January 2013.

    Galvantula ≥ Kyurem > Mewtwo > Arceus

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