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    What would it take to convince PUSA to consider negotiations with TV Tokyo for a Pokemon simulcast? (Are they the ones who have the ultimate say?) It would be wonderful if that could happen. It's just a thought that always seems to pop into my head. Not to mention it would help with piracy problems. (Or maybe not because despite the fact that Naruto has a simulcast, there are still fansubbers for the series.)

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    I don't know if TPCI would be that interested in a Pokemon simulcast. The demand for legal access to the original version most likely isn't high enough for them to consider it would be worth while to go that route. The series that do have a simulcast usually have high demand for one and/or are aimed at an older audience than Pokemon is. I wouldn't be against something like that happening, but I don't think it's too likely.

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    It's the Japanese part that's the problem. Shogakukan is very agaisnt the idea of fornigers watching the original version, and are extremely protective of their copyright. Just look how quickly anything Pokemon related gets removed from Youtube. And didn't even the official American channel get dinged once?

    And IIRC, it was said by some official American person that piracy for Pokemon isn't a big problem. I guess the original version doesn't have a big enough audience for them to care, though that was a few years ago.

    So as nice as a simulcast would be, I don't think the original version has a big enough audience for them to care, plus the over protectiveness of the Japanese.

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    Default Re: Pokemon simulcast?

    I like what Naruto did with the Crunchyroll English subbed simulcast, but as others have said above, I do not see that happening for Pokemon anytime soon.
    The show might have a large audience but the 'demand' isn't that great to actually go through with it. Besides, CN treats it as shit, so they'll probably have to take it on some other platform.

    On the other hand, Animax does a lot of simulcasts here in South Asia, so we get to watch some of the Japanese anime with our regional dub right on the same time. But I don't see that happening for Pokemon either, since TV Tokyo /= Animax.

    Hell! They even charge money for the old Pokemon episodes (Hulu-reference). So, I think it will cost even more to do a Simulcast.
    Anyway, that's just my opinion and I could be wrong.


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