Pokemon Generation 6 Anime discussion !

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Thread: Pokemon Generation 6 Anime discussion !

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    Default Pokemon Generation 6 Anime discussion !

    Generation 5 is ruined !
    And some Team Plasma ark with N can't saved it .
    So , This Thread is about those who want to talk about the Next Generation Pokemon Anime.
    What kind of Ash you want to see ?
    Another rebooted Ash who's even stupider then current Ash or A mature Ash with Childish personality (Like Red , Gold and Dia from Pokemon Adventure)
    What kind of Traveling companion you want ?
    Another clone of Misty and Brock or may be someone totally different .
    What kind of rival you want ?
    Another rookie who reach Paul level in 3 month just cause he studied Or A Experienced rival (Possibly A Girl)
    What kind of Pokemon you want ?
    Another bunch of cute Babies Or Powerful , Developed and evolved Pokemon .
    Extra , Extra , Extra !

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    Default Re: Pokemon Generation 6 Anime discussion !

    Okay, this is just a "If you were in charge of the Anime" thread as opposed to Gen 6 discussion. There's an obvious difference between the two so I'm closing this. When we actually get info on the next saga for the Anime, then you may claim it to be Gen 6 discussion.

    What if YOU ran the Pokemon Anime? - Took a minute to search for; please remember to search before you make a thread as well.


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