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    Default Pokemon Anime Theme Songs: Game Style

    So this awesome person by the name of megacocorock has made Gameboy-esque covers of a lot of anime music. Here's what they're capable of:

    Battle Frontier

    Some others I like are:

    Mezase Pokemon Master (Full)

    Advance Adventure

    Watashi Makenai

    Kimi no Soba de

    Best Wishes

    Anything else can be found at their channel. As long as it has a Pokemon picture and the name begins with FC then it's 8-bit.

    Apparently they've made every intro with the exceptions of Rival!, Mezase Pokemon Master (Whiteberry), Symphonic Medley, and Spurt. And they also covered some more endings and versions.

    And if anyone says these suck, then I dare you to find a better chiptune version. Aside from Pinball's Mezase XD
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    Default Re: Pokemon Anime Theme Songs: Game Style

    I do recall Pokémon Pinball having a catch'em version of Mezase Pokémon Master. It was very upbeat and catchy.
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    Oh really? Well I never played Pokemon Pinball so there you go. :P What I meant was that chiptunes for these songs are pretty much nonexistant.

    Hmm.. after listening to it, it is pretty funky. The cover is closer to the original though. Oh well, I'll edit my post.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Anime Theme Songs: Game Style

    This isn't actually discussion about the Anime, just someone's work, so it isn't suited for the Anime forum. The blogs would be a better place.


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