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    I just want to know what you guys feel about VIZ Media handling the anime franchise.

    Besides for Movie 11, Giratina and the Sky Warrior (Do we even know why TPCi didn't release this with VIZ Media?), VIZ Media has handled all distribution of Pokémon on DVD, but are they really doing a good job?

    From what I have heard, the quality of Season 1 is less than good, and there hasn't been a single Blu-Ray release to date. Not to mention that there is little to no promotion of the DVDs when they actually do come out. Even the VIZ Kids website, the subsidary that does the distributing for VIZ Media, fails to promote the DVDs, only the manga.

    Plus, ever since TPCi has taken over dubbing, not even the movies come with Special Features anymore (This probably more TPCI's fault than VIZ Media's). And as MizuTaipu points out, there hasn't been a single "Japanese with English Subtitles" release.

    So, what do you think about this? Is VIZ Media doing a good enough job orc ould they do better?
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    Default Re: "Pokémon" and "VIZ Media"

    I really wish that VIZ will release a Japanese w/subtitles Kanto DVD set (as crowding it with the English dub DVDs is a bit too much considering the openings/endings and cuts and stuff), but that's just wishful thinking.

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    Default Re: "Pokémon" and "VIZ Media"

    I think that VIZ Media has done a relatively fine job distributing the series on DVD. Releasing most of the series for all these years is pretty impressive to me, especially when I'm not sure how well they sell overall, and aside from that strange year when they didn't release a DVD until the Arceus movie came out, I don't think that they've had a significantly long gap between their releases. It wouldn't hurt if they promoted them some more though. I usually do see an ad for the newest movie and occasionally a box set, although that's usually the Indigo League sets for some reasons, in a Pokemon Adventures volume, but promoting them a bit more through maybe online ads couldn't hurt.

    I really wish that they could just re-release some of the older seasons, mainly the Johto seasons. I have Master Quest and most of Johto League Champions, but it would be nicer if I could get them re-released in either a box set or a two-disc set like I think that they started to do with Sinnoh League Vicotors, especially when there were two episodes of Johto Journeys that wasn't released even on video here. Plus, tracking down the Johto League Champions DVDs, while more manageable, can still be kind of expensive. Even some of the Advanced Challenge and Advanced Battle DVDs are out of print now, so seeing those seasons being re-released would be nice too. Still, other than the re-release of older seasons, I don't have much of any problem with how they've handled the DVD distribution for the series.

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    No because, as far as I'm aware, there are no TV season DVDs on region 2 yet (some films are out on region 2, but not all). Europe's a pretty big place with a lot of Pokémon fans...

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    I actually wish that VIZ took over the dubbing duties...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankees4life View Post
    I actually wish that VIZ took over the dubbing duties...
    I don't think VIZ would be interested in taking over the dubbing.


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