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Thread: Old Characters Need To Return

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    Default Re: Old Characters Need To Return

    I would love to see Tracey again, even if he's just in the background if Ash is talking to Professor Oak.

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    ^Tracey is the luckiest character in the anime. He's pretty much now a permanent returning character due to his aide towards Oak. He achieved his dream-working along side Prof. Oak, is a working, developed character for the anime and gets cameos from every direction. Good for him. c:

    Old characters *return* more often than you think. They still show up in advertisements and merch, surprisingly Dawn and Piplup have shown up a lot in this region and they're not even related. But still, the 'writers' provide nods towards older fans by making subtle references and cameos in openings, such as the newest opening and referencing Johto. Plus they are reselling the Kanto episodes so they may be returning to Kanto. So there's your return coming. x3


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    Sadly once main character leaves cast and gets obligatory regional cameo he is good as dead, with story and potential to expand upon ending threw aside in favor of new companion. I keep wandering how many more new companions are we going to get, because constant replacing leads nowhere when we have several interesting characters in who writers could put more work doing sequel to their stories.

    I always thought one of biggest misplays writers did in this show was too conservative approach and lack of willingness in investing more into ones which proved to be popular and appealing on their own taking them forward. Character rotation always seemed to me like best of both worlds.

    With such approach new companions would still be included, but for change older ones would remain relevant in some form going through new adventures growing forward(similar how other anime like "Inazuma Eleven" or "Bakugan" does). That way everyone would be pleased with characters not receiving too much exposure,while at same time being provided enough focus to do something significant with them.
    Its much better than what we have now, and i believe most people will be a lot more interested into anime if characters they grew to like became relevant again returning to main cast for smaller periods when their return would help benefit their own story, and advance current one.

    After all its easier and more efficient to write a story involving a character they are familiar with than somebody new who might start out with a lot of kinks and problems. Sometimes, anime writers can get more out of a character from who they can already expect to be well received; someone who the writers know inside and out, who has an established relationship and bond with other characters, and who has personality issues already ironed out to an extent.

    I know i would be interested in some of previous companions coming back for extended period of time serving as nice change of pace having already background behind them to gain more meaningful growth. Something we can't really expect from new characters who just began journey.

    Such as:
    - Max receiving his first pokemon and starting journey, having promised battle against Ash before end of series. I could see him with bunch of powerful Psychic pokemon showing he knows how to approach them judging by Jirachi, Ralts or Deoxys bonding he achieved.

    -Misty coming back to main cast maybe in 6th generation(having some powerful evolved water pokemon) along with new girl feeling interesting and refreshing to see her for awhile in today anime format doing follow up with established character for change . I could see her deciding to follow Wallace footsteps and advance goal of becoming water master trying to rank up and become E4 of water types entering specific competitions(concept of underwater battling was never explored much) and battling evaluators to test her and see if she has potential. By end of saga i think it would be cool if she ended up as Wallace or Lorelei apprentice training to become stronger, ranking up as trainer.

    -May joining Ash and co for awhile while doing progress as coordinator showing development of her own contest style, learning how to overcome new obstacles and become top coordinator.
    Etc, etc.

    That would be certainly something new and exciting than abandonment which brings nothing for continuity and prevents previous protagonist to be used to full potential, doing them injustice when they still have interesting things to expand upon not receiving recognition as someone who helped build pokemon history.

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    Default Re: Old Characters Need To Return

    The old characters can crawl down a hole, they had their turn years ago~

    Now it's the new characters' turns. I don't want them shafted in favor of screen time for old characters~

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