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Thread: M09 Teaser Scenes?

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    Default M09 Teaser Scenes?

    Hey guys, in the trivia section of M09 it mentioned some teaser scenes not in the actual movie:

    Teaser scenes that were used in the movie trailer shown at the end of the Japanese version of Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis! ultimately did not make it into the movie; such as a scene where Ash is washed away while calling for Pikachu, a scene where May's and Lizabeth's bracelets glow, and a scene which shows an alternate version of the architecture of the Sea Temple, as well as a nighttime scene where Kyogre leaps out of the water and back in.

    (from http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/M09#Trivia)

    My question is, does anyone know where I could find these at? I'm a big M09 fan and would love to see them.

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    Default Re: M09 Teaser Scenes?

    I think these scene weren't aired any ways, for some reason they add scenes in the previews that don't show up in the film.
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    Default Re: M09 Teaser Scenes?

    You could poke around youtube. That's how I managed to find the M13 trailer with Lugia and Ho-oh.


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