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Thread: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

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    The whole Unova series?

    I'd give it a 5/10.

    Rivals: Stephan is the only rival who proved to be "what a rival should be", got the most "reasonable" battle scenes, and has good strategy.
    Gyms: Roxie, and Brycen were only memorable. Elesa, maybe...
    Interactions with in-game NPCs: Apart from the Subway Masters, none were memorable. The Heartbreaker guy was rather cheesy...
    Don Tournaments: Again, only because of Stephan, and maybe Cilan showing good battles, and Georgia and Cabernet.
    Concepts of movies: They were pretty good. Pokewood got the necessary advertisement, I guess. Luke and Zorua were cute.
    Team Rocket: ...*facepalm*
    Pokemons: good sense in rotating for once.

    I'll come back after Episode N.

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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    Rivals: 7/10 they each were unique in their own ways. stephan was the best out of all

    Gyms: 6/10 I wanted ASH to battle Drayden, Skyla was like totaly like annoying with her like Sky Battle and her Vally girl cues

    Pokemon: 7/10 Each episode varied. my favorite was the ducklett trio. Riolu was a bonus

    Gags: 7/10 there were some memorable jokes such as Cilan's japanese scream in the Litwick episode, the whole Train connisuer debacle, Dawns "interesting" Flashback, Stephans name gag, and cameron's incompetence.

    COTD; -23/10 I have no ide what the heck they were thinking. Just plain awful designs. After seeing Soran and Riku i never really enjoy most COTDs anymore...

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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    To begin with, BW was great! The first episodes were very well done and I was sure it would be the best saga yet.

    Then, the "Rocket VS Plasma" two-parter got cancelled, and things started to get bad. Throwing away that entire plot, and whatever happened to Pierce was really damaging and shouldn't of been skipped.

    Once Rival Destinies started, it started getting boring again and I stopped watching all-together. They tried to recover with the Team Rocket/Meloetta two-parter, which definitely wasn't as exciting as I hoped. And introducing Cameron was the final nail in the coffin, worst character ever.

    I can't justify giving it any higher than a 4/10.

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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    3/10, and I'm being generous for the Stephan battle. I think it's up there with Kanto as the worst league ever.

    Kinda off-topic, but I think I'm the only one who wasn't pissed off about Tobias XD I prefer seeing Satoshi lose to a badass guy with legendaries than a regular trainer.

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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    I give this series over all a 1/10, just horrible. Fans thought Johto was bad due to the fillers, that wasn't any thing compared to this, at least the league got better treatment and gave Ash a couple of wins and Team Rocket was still funny. Fillers without Team Rocket were aweful, it was just character of the day needing help from Ash and Friends and maybe a Don tournament which I guess doesn't really count as filler but they were horrible too. I wouldn't have minded the animation, what made things odd was that how they changed Ash a little in animation yet left Team Rocket and Dawn the same, its like what the heck was that about?? Ash should have had a few wins this series, I understood the first Don tournament as it was to show off other characters, how far they've gotten but every Don tournament??? The least they could have done is let Ash win the last Don tournament or the Champion tournament in BW2, no they couldn't even give him that much!! Ontop of all that they let him lose in front of Cynthia and couldn't even let Paul enter who was on just as long as journey as Ash and you'd think he'd be intrested in such a thing like Ash was but no, lets act like he wasn't even in the series. Trip, wow!! It was like even Pokemon was ashamed of him and wanted to write him off as fast as they could, why make such a character if they were going to treat him this way? At least they gave Gary and Paul good battles in the league before giving them the boot, not this guy. FYI, this league couldn't have been done any worse. Why waste an episode on Axew in the middle of the league when they could have done it after or during Iris arc? They skipped a bunch of Ash's battles for this?? Lets not forget who the league is supposed to be about people!! Its Ash time to shine, Iris and her Pokemon already got that time during her arc. Poor Dento, whats he been up to as of late? Iris over shadowed him big time, she got more screen time and every thing. Over all, my least favorite series of Pokemon and I honestly can't wait to leave it behind.


    Oh yah, forgot about Team Rocket. For people who were supposed to have this so called arc in this series, it wasn't much of one.
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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    Love how no on actually has gone over 6 yet :P

    It was a terrible saga with a promising end for its future. If it didnt have a promising end I couldent giv ehigher than 4

    The idea to move to a region where only Unovan pokemon appear has to have been the worst mistake. I mean why did they think we wouldent want to see old pokemon? It took them 82 episodes but they of learnt their mistake and made up a half decent excuse of why national pokemon could start appearing again. With the appearances of old characters it gave me a glimmer of hope but its hard to see old characters due to the location, and so I cant rate this saga highly. The fillers havent been that promising, if anything poor.

    I dont have anything against the new rivals recently introduced, I doubt we will see them again (maybe one or two more) but with the new saga I think their time is up. I liked Cameron personally, He was dumb - a little too dumb but his character was cool. Virgil, yeah he didnt do much for me, the idea of eeveelutions was too simple, I think the anime was trying to make up for the bad season 1, but kind of failed here.

    I think The next saga will impress me and everyone else much more, I have high prospects for it :)

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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    I voted 1, but I would actually say 1.3, since the fact that this league paralled the original one is really insulting and pushed it down from a 1.5 I gave it for only being "slightly" better than the original. I said that because at least all the gyms were won legitimately, except for Roxie. That and Burgundy, Stephen and Georgia were entertaining as well as most of the TR two parters. (excluding the Tirtouga one) Mind you, this rating is based on taking it seriously. If I didn't, it would still fall quite low since most of the humor in this saga is really bland. I'd at least give it a 3 or less. That is higher than most of the sagas, but only because the humor is nearly nonexistent in them. The only thing higher than it is the original saga, which I will still grant that it was written like a comedy. Even though they wanted to recapture that, they failed miserably. Perhaps for that reason, this saga fails more than any of them, even the original saga, which as much as it grates my teeth, it still had something it was good for. This one is good for next to nothing, and I am not recommending it to anyone.
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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    I honestly loved the idea of only Unova Pokémon. But they had to ruin it by bringing in every generation. It totally ruined the overall feel of Unova.

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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    It was honestly so bad, what's there to rate? We regressed so much as an anime it's not funny. Generation 6 better bring it or fans will fume and brain cells will continue to be lost.

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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    I'll rate the episodes sequentially, and then get calculate the average from there.

    BW103- 4/10
    Overall, it wasn't a terrible episode, but there just wasn't enough to make it worthwhile. Yes, every league had at least one episode that was devoted to trainer battles, but most of this time was spent on character interactions that really didn't get my interest. Ash started his preliminary battle against his "main" rival, Trip, near the end of this episode.

    BW104- 5/10
    With the exception of Bianca vs. Cameron, this is a continuation of events from the previous episode. Ash and Pikachu somehow managed to defeat Trip and Serperior despite having a complete disadvantage in both power and speed. The other rivals managed to advance to the Top 64. Surprise, surprise... Bianca vs. Cameron was arguably the better battle of this episode. We did get to see Bianca's Escavalier again after so long, but unfortunately it didn't get too much battling screentime against Cameron's Samurott. I also had mixed feelings about Emboar's battles. If it were not for Attract's overuse in the anime and Cameron's relative stupidity, Bianca would have lost the battle right there. Obviously Bianca had to be the "fall girl" so Cameron and Riolu could get a proper win.

    BW105- 2/10
    This was just a waste of time, IMO. Aside from the fact that we were introduced to a COTD league trainer who made it to the Top 16 (and later on the Top 8), there wasn't much worthwhile aspects of this episode. There is still some small talk about a Bianca and Virgil ship when Bianca gave an ice cream cone to Virgil's Eevee, but otherwise it's your usual filler.

    BW106- 6/10
    This was probably the best on-screen battle in this league, and in this series that's not saying much. I did like that some of Ash's reserves that barely got any screentime in BW to begin with were used here, and that they all learned at least one new attack. I would have liked this battle if Stephan was seen using more than one new pokemon. Zebstrika and Sawk... Well, we've seen plenty of what they could do in past episodes. We've also seen a Palpitoad and Zebstrika battle from the Nimbasa Gym battle. Unfortunately, Ash and Stephan never had any true interaction other than their shared competitive nature. What we saw from their first interactions was exactly what we got here.

    BW107- 3/10
    After Trip's disappointing defeat in the first round, and after Bianca's devastating loss against Cameron, it all led to this. The two people that were responsible for eliminating the two most important recurring characters in this series are paired up for battle. Ash vs. Cameron. This should have been a decent battle, since it was for two episodes. But no, the writers decided to make Cameron the intellectually inept person that he always was, and had him go out on the field with just five pokemon. The battles were far from interesting; most were simple OHKOs or didn't last beyond two minutes. Ash's victories over Cameron in this episode were mitigated largely by type advantages (and in some cases, 4x type advantages). I did like Hydreigon being used, and I liked Snivy vs. Riolu prior to the evolution. Unfortunately, this episoede failed to deliver much decent battling.

    BW108- 4/10
    Half of this episode was spent with the end result of Ash vs. Cameron, and the other half was spent to end the tournament. Obviously with only ten minutes left in the episode, we aren't going to see too much battling. The battle match-ups were also very predictable; Cameron vs. Virgil in the Top 4, and a Virgil victory in the entire thing. We also got to see a few of the COTDs' full teams as well, but it is unfortunate that their appearances were so minor that it is impossible for most of us to care about them.

    This was perhaps the worst league tournament, even worse off than Kanto. At least back in the Kanto days, the battles were conducted on special fields that added variety to the battles. At least back in Kanto, when we had an Ash "ripoff", the "ripoff" had a bit more characterization other than inane stupidity and hyperactivity. Unfortunately, this tournament was executed poorly, imo. Since there was a 9-month gap between the end of this tournament and the expected debut of the successor anime to BW, I felt this tournament could have been handled better, and we could have had more battles. Ash had three full battles during the Hoenn League, and two during the Johto and Sinnoh Leagues. Why did Ash only have one full battle in this entire tournament? Why were all of his reserves, except for Pikachu, used once? And why was there a stupid "filler" placed in the middle of the tournament?

    I really hope the writers get their act together in the next arc.

    Overall rating: 24/60 (4/10)

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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    I picked 3 out of 10, but honestly if there was a 0 or lower option I would have chose that.

    There were only some saving graces that made me even give the league a few points;

    Finally got rid of the stupid name gag with Stephan. Seriously, I know this may sound stupid even making this comparison but here it goes, I grew up watching Family Matters and Steve Urkel changing to Stephan (his cool alter-ego) was one of the best scenes of the series, and to jack up that name so bad on this show is just ridiculous. It shows how retarded the cast is...

    The battle between Ash and Stephan was obviously the highlight match and only believable one in my book (aside from Crustle losing to a Vaporeon come on that's common sense) but I mean in terms of a great battle all the way through!

    Pignite FINALLY learning a Fighting-type move!

    Oshawott showing guts battling a Hydreigon shows how much it has developed over the course of the series from cowering behind Ash or pushing Pikachu to battle instead it goes toe-to-toe with the pseudo legend!

    Leavanny showing some real spirit learning a powerful Bug move and showing its ability! Paliptoad learning a 4th move! His reserve Pokemon honestly did better than his main 6 he kept using except for Boldore (he really needs to evolve but you gotta love that Rock anyway)

    Honestly, the cons far outweigh the pros of this league but I hope we can throw this one away pray that the N-saga is good and move on to Gen 6...

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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    Since the Ash/Stephan battle wasn't an ugly stupid trainwreck, I decided to be generous and rate this league 2/10. That and fittingly putting Ash/Trip at the beginning of the League - more the concept of it rather than the battle itself, since that battle was shitty too. Booting Trip himself out immediately afterwards instead of keeping him around like all the other rivals until the end of the league can count towards that extra point earned. And I guess fittingly making Ash regress in his league ranking since I knew all along that he didn't deserve to do as well or better than he did in the Sinnoh League.

    I think it's safe to say this is the worst league we've had yet, even worse than Kanto's since that at least has an excuse of being the writers' first attempt at a league (therefore of course it was going to be a mess) and even that was more conceptually sound and interesting than the fucking mess this one turned out to be... and after all this time, there really is no excuse for the Unova League to be as terrible as it turned out to be. You can just feel the "fuck this" attitude the writers had about this watching these episodes, for reals.

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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    SPECTACULARLY uneven is I'd have to say about it...
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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    the worst league i ever seen.

    A things to add a trivia in bulbagarden for ash or unova:
    -Unova is the first region where ash is defeated in all competitions (league, battle, contests, etc) he subscribeb, he never win in unova (gym battle does not count)

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    Default Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    Its definitely the worst league merely on the basis that it was only 5 episodes long and Ash only got 3 on-screen battles.

    Then you factor in everything else that was crap, like Ash's Unova team having little wins, the poor handling of the rivals, and the idiotic way Ash lost...and well...that's why its the worst.

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