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Thread: I wonder about Virgil's Eevee...

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    Default Re: I wonder about Virgil's Eevee...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelleo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Samurott View Post
    I do find it odd that they had this guy with all the Eeveelutions and a plain Eevee and it was far before we knew anything about Sylveon. It might have had more to do with just wanting to play around with Eevee and it never really meant anything. Long story short, I do not think Virgil coming back is a good idea, not even to send Ash to the next region.
    True, Virgil and his Eevee team appeared before Sylveon was revealed, but then the writers could go "Oh, a new Eeveelution? And we created a recurring trainer with the first seven Eeveelutions plus an unevolved Eevee! Perfect!"
    I'm pretty sure the anime writers know what goes on in the game world and that they knew about Sylveon and made Virgil intentionally to promote Eevee and the other Eeveelutions because the newest one was going to be revealed later.

    That being said, I do think Virgil could come back and have his Eevee evolve into Sylveon and give Ash a reason to check out the 6th gen reigon. He didn't get much screentime in the league and I feel like this is a good way they could do more with him and give him more of a purpose for having his Team Eevee.

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    Default Re: I wonder about Virgil's Eevee...

    Well, we should not forget that the main showcase of Sylveon is the Pikachu short they have just tried to promote that much.
    It may be possible that gen 5 wont give us anything more than that, especially if they reveal its type along the way...

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