Hypothetical idea: a Professor Oak Special?

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Thread: Hypothetical idea: a Professor Oak Special?

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    Default Hypothetical idea: a Professor Oak Special?

    Just something that has always been on my mind, more recently with the trend of the Anime creating more specials: what would it be like if an actual "Generation Zero" special was made? The idea I'm proposing is a special that has Oak in his youth as Samuel traveling around in the early past of the Pokemon world. going by what's known of his backstory(being one of three brothers, his own Grandfather being the most famous Pokemon trainer at the time) There is just so much open possibility of his story being told,especially when you factor in that it explains origins of common items such as the Pokeball and Pokedex. going by backstories hinted at in the games, Agatha and Kurt could also become potential traveling partners, with Pryce,Fuji and Blaine as potential rivals and/or friends along the way too. even the goals they could have make sense in a way-Oak wanting to discover as much about the Pokemon world as possible, Agatha wanting to become a Pokemon master herself, Kurt wanting to create the best Pokeballs for his heritage-that a side story could be spun from it. thoughts?

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    I'd be very interested in such a special if it were set in the Origins universe (which is basically the same as the in-game universe), but not so much if it involved the anime continuity. I just really don't see the point of exploring mysteries from the games via the regular anime when there is now an alternative anime that is so much more faithful to the games. The regular anime has always kept its distance from the games, and now it even shies away from referencing its own past, as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by fawfulmark2
    with Pryce,Fuji and Blaine as potential rivals
    See, the Fuji from the games doesn't even exist in the anime; his loose counterpart has a very different story that Oak is apparently unaware of. In Origins, however, Fuji couldn't have been Oak's rival since he preceded him by many years, having been the world's foremost Pokémon researcher. If anything, Fuji was Oak's role model, which begs the question how Oak reacted to the news of Fuji attempting to artifically create a Pokémon (Mewtwo), which led to his research getting dismissed. Apparently, Fuji continued his research in the Pokémon Mansion unbeknownst to the community (or at least to Oak), but that came to a grinding halt when the mansion burned down and Mewtwo escaped.

    Origins ended before Oak or Red could inquire Fuji about his past. Obviously, Oak wasn't privy to Fuji's research, so it wouldn't be satisfying if we just saw the past through Oak's eyes. On the other hand, Blaine might know all about Fuji's story since they were friends. I'd say that Blaine, much like Fuji, is older than Oak, Agatha and Kurt, who apparently formed their own group. In fact, Agatha wasn't Oak's friend so much as his rival back when he was still a trainer. When he decided to dedicate his life to research, Agatha was very disappointed in him. I wonder if Oak's change was inspired by Fuji, who ironically stopped being a researcher.

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    Default Re: Hypothetical idea: a Professor Oak Special?

    I didn't see a "I don't care about that idiot." option. What would he do, ask a stupidly easy to answer question, forgo science for spirituality and/or some fortune cookie haiku?
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