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View Poll Results: How would you like Ash to lose in the Unova League?

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  • To a long standing Rival(Bianca or Stephen)

    7 9.59%
  • To Kotetsu and his Riolu(Lucario) or samurott

    4 5.48%
  • To Virgil and his eevee rescue team

    18 24.66%
  • To a Tobias-like rival(hopefully using that rumored Hydreigon)

    9 12.33%
  • To nobody(Have Ash win the League for One)

    25 34.25%
  • Other, please specify in post

    10 13.70%
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Thread: How would you like Ash to lose the Unova League?

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    Default Re: How would you like Ash to lose the Unova League?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wyvernphlare View Post
    at this point any one but virgil. His team is created to sell toys and it is kinda lazy in my eyes doesn't take much thought to come up with. I don't like his design and I'm not a big fan of the rescue hero thing
    I certainly agree with you there, to me, Kotetsu is more interesting of a character than Virgil, mainly because Kotetsu actually has a personality and potential. Virgil, unlike Kotetsu, is basically a soulless existence of a trainer, he has no personality, no real backstory, and his team is nothing but an Eevee gimmick that you would see in one of the NPC trainers in the games rather than anything else, he's basically nothing but a toy advertisement and a "I only exist to defeat Ash in the League" character. If anything, I rather have Ash lose to Kotetsu if anyone, or win the league (which is unlikely).
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    Default Re: How would you like Ash to lose the Unova League?

    i hope Virgil destroys him so much he will cry and start using his brain again and ditch those weak pokemon he has

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