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Thread: The How Much Japanese Music Is Kept In The Dub Thread

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    Default Re: The How Much Japanese Music Is Kept In The Dub Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Giovanni View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BladeLight52 View Post
    A Call for Brotherly Love kept 7 out of 15 pieces, which is "better" than last week's episode.
    Better? Only slightly. This is an utterly disgraceful effort from TPCi. Regardless of their continually poor efforts, I do have high hopes for the Tornadus/Thundurus/Landorus two parter that is coming up. Still, some improvements MUST be made over the two part Riolu special, including not just keeping all original background music and keeping all of the original silence, but getting rid of the downright awful opening theme and ending theme music and actually keeping the excellent original opening and ending theme songs and the accompanying animation (I wouldn't have a problem with it if they translated it into English, but TPCi, 4Kids kept Japanese vocals in the ending theme to the sixth movie, and this is 4Kids we're talking about.), plus the eye-catch, seeing as Japan brings back 'Who's That Pokémon' in those episodes, so they might as well just keep the original version rather than making their own crappy version, and the Professor Oak's Lecture as well. Come on TPCi, that's a whole extra minute of Jimmy Zoppi dialogue.

    Of course, these changes MUST be permanent. The dub went back to their normal standards after the two part Riolu special. When I first watched 'Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!', I actually thought that TPCi finally decided to be good. No. This time, they need to dub the episodes perfectly (As in being faithful to and respecting the original version), and then keep doing it that way.

    Anyway that's my thoughts about this. I hope TPCi does the right thing. It's what us Pokémon fans have been wanting for several years now.
    What the hell??? there are so many things wrong with you're statement

    first, Ending and Opening Scene's can only be 30 seconds!! okay??
    Second, why would tcpi leave the japanese song in??? what 10 year old is going to understand it???
    Third, Tcpi has to remove the silent scene's because the american audience is different from the japanese audience

    And tcpi cant add any oak's lecture because it would be taking away commercial time away from cartoon network, i have honestly never seen a anti dub extremist like you're self, you're even trying to bend all the tv agreement laws just to please you're self, without a thought in mind that tcpi make's these edits to appeal to children not you.
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    Default Re: The How Much Japanese Music Is Kept In The Dub Thread

    Due to the often heated back-and-forths that occur within this thread between certain individuals, this thread is now going to be closed. It has worn out its welcome for discussion on BGM kept and despite in-threads warnings, official warnings and infractions, it is clear that those are ineffective.

    From now on users may:

    - Post how much music was kept within a dub episode in that particular episode's review thread (this includes past review threads).
    - Discuss any of the music in that particular episode in the review thread, whether it be dub BGM or not, or a piece that was replaced.

    Discussing TCPI's general practices on replacing BGM will not be allowed in review threads. There will however shortly be a new thread created in The Pokémon League concerning the act of replacing music.

    If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

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